The Reality of Living in an Instant Society

the reality of an instant society

The reality of living in an instant society is that we live in the age of fad diets, quick fixes, instant messenger, social networking, 24/7 live news updates. Everything we want to know, do, see, read, be, we are told we can instantly have.

This is ingrained in us; text that person now to see if they’re on campus, who was that in the film last night? You want that dress, then get next day delivery? You want to be thin, follow this fad.

Regardless of cost (sometimes), we now expect everything to happen straight away the second that we need it.

But what happens when it takes longer than this instance? When it takes you an hour or three, a day, a week, a month? Oh, it’s a bit too much effort, or it seems too far away so just forget it, and move onto something we can do right now.

And why wouldn’t we?

Our attention span has diminished to practically nada and we can now only focus for a small amount of time until we revert to something easier and instant, like scrolling through Instagram briefly glimpsing at a well-angled-filtered-picture of someone else’s life.

The life that you see on Instagram, you want to live in an instant. But it’s so far from your own life and it would take you so long to get there that you give up before you try. Then you’re left feeling worse than you did before.

I only became aware of how problematic this mindset is when I began increasing my exercise again to lifting weights 3-5 times and cardio 5 times week. I found myself looking for results instantly, questioning every few hours why I was doing something that would take so long to achieve – build muscle and lose weight – when I could feel the ache in my muscles and slimmer shape. But the scales said no pounds lost.

I continually have to remind myself that four months, or six months, or eights months is not a long period of time to wait for results, of course minor results will happen instantly but the main ones occur gradually. And that is normal, even though it doesn’t always feel it.

It’s a constant battle I seem to have at the moment, trying to figure out how to love myself as I am, while I try and change my shape, lean out and dang just go down a size or two. It’s not really a great deal to do, and it’s not like I don’t have enough time or the resources thankfully I do, and I’m doing it.

It’s a cycle we all have to get out of, because some things really do take a good deal of time.

Friendships, relationships, health, fitness, writing a novel, finishing a novel, writing a dissertation. And that’s all okay and normal, you’re deffo normal for taking your time doing all of those things.

The reality of living in an instant society is some things are available straight away, but to grow or change as a person you have to commit to a long-term goal.

Do you think we live in an instant society?

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