Hello Anxiety

Hello there anxiety, my unwelcome friend. How delightful you’re visiting again, said no one ever. Anxiety is an invisible part of ourselves that may choose to control us. But who’s choice is it that anxiety is in control?


I struggle with this answer, because I do suffer with anxiety now and again, and during the moments where I am overwhelmed by it, technically it’s my own fault. Switch off, I think. Think of something else, I think. Stop thinking, I think. This lil internal dialogue is about as helpful and as effective as my previous point, that in fact I have done this to myself. All these thoughts are in fact useless, as hey I’m still overthinking.

The key to anxiety is how to cope, and reassure yourself. So when your unwelcome friend arrives, you mock them and they leave, *yass*.

I’ve started to re-read a book called The Confidence Gap by Russ Harris. I first read it when I started CBT as it contains lots of techniques to overcome depression and anxiety, I’ll write a longer post about how amazing this is some other time. I also started to read other blogger’s posts on anxiety and thought I’d share them, as I found them all really interesting and varied. As while we all get some form of anxiety, it effects us all differently.

I’ve found that my anxiety has improved massively since doing CBT, but it has flared up slightly again so I’m re-reading and re working my approach, let’s see how it goes!






What does an episode of anxiety actually feel like?

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