Feeling lonely? Watch The Bold Type right now

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The Bold Type has risen in popularity once again after joining Netflix at the beginning of March. Since it’s release in 2017, the show has been likened to Sex and the City or The Devil Wears Prada but it offers so much more than just an ode to these classics with killer outfits and views of NYC. 

The show is everything we don’t have right now; a thriving social lives, meeting new people (inside restaurants and FUN activities), nights out, a designated work space and figuring out our place in the world by BEING in the world – as opposed to watching it through screens. 

I watched the first series in a matter of days. Now, I’ve reached the sad point where I’ve finished series four and can’t find anything to replace the show and how it made me feel. 

In a time when we’re disconnected, even from our friends who we FaceTime as regularly as all our manic lives will allow, it’s such a comfort to see people socialising. It gives me comfort to know that we will be reunited again and that life and New York (I’m going back!) is still out there. The pandemic has been really lonely for us all, every coping mechanism we had for a bad day (week or month) was thrown out the window last March. Over a year later, we can see our local friends outdoors, which is great but it’s not the same. What about friends that live a few hours away? Weekends away? Nights out?

When you feel lonely, it’s easy to forget there’s a world outside these walls and yet we’re getting closer every day to that reality. The Bold Type is a reminder of the imperfections and the hilarity of female friendships, how overfamiliar we can get in a short period of time and how your best friends will always have your back no matter what. 

We can’t physically see that connection with our own friends right now, but that doesn’t wipe out the years of socialising, wild nights in or out we’ve had with all our besties. It all still happened and it will all happen again, with more joy and gratitude than before as we know what it’s like to live without it. Read more about how I think lockdown might have been good for our friendships here.

I also want to be BFFS with Tiny Jane, Sutton and Kat and move to NYC, so maybe that should be on the cards too.

If you are feeling lonely, it’s the perfect comfort show. It offers more than SATC in my opinion as it feels real; it explores diverse women (and men’s) lives in a non-judgemental, honest way. There’s some rose tinting for sure, it is after all a TV show which pins on the fact that all three women need to stay together for the story to work. But The Bold Type tackles really important issues each episode from gun control, to mastectomies, to sexual assault. 

The show remedies a lot of the glamourised, white-world from previous female-led, New York based, film and TV especially Sex and the City. It’s a refreshing balance of real life (and its messy issues and political influences) with a wardrobe and social life of our dreams – especially in the pandemic. 

If you’re feeling lonely or missing your friends, watch The Bold Type on Netflix and then tell your bestie to do the same. 

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