Creating a Sue Ryder ‘Sew Many Memories’ quilt

sue ryder sew many memories quilt

Sue Ryder run a project called, Sew Many Memories, where you turn your loved ones clothes into a patchwork quilt.

Almost three years ago my Dad passed away from cancer at Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice (I’ve spoken about this more here). Since then his clothes have sat comfortably in his drawers, apart from the odd jumper I have stolen over the years.

So we to create a ‘Sew Many Memories’ quilt with my Dad’s clothes. It would be a very unique quilt as my Dad lived by the Cheaper By the Dozen quote that “Every dad is entitled to one hideous shirt and one horrible sweater. It’s part of the Dad code.”

But instead of one shirt or sweater it was several jumpers, all from Fat Face, in the same style, in a range of colours. Seriously if anyone ever needs the Men’s Fat Face collection from 2011-2013 we’ve got you.

I absolutely loved taking part in this project. It turned out to be less emotional than I thought it would as I got to sew together his favourite clothes to create something new that reminded me of him. Rather than giving the clothes away or keeping them in a drawer for another three years.

I love being creative so creating a Sew Many Memories quilt was perfect for me.

Yet it won’t be right for everybody, but having something of my Dad’s with me (that I can physically touch) is very comforting.

It’ll never be a hug from Dad, but it’s good enough.

Have you thought about creating a ‘Sew Many Memories’ quilt?

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