How to have a good relationship with Instagram

top tips for having a good relationship with Instagram

I always say I love Instagram… which is true. I love scrolling through all the types of photographs; artsy, food, nature, creative, motivational, as well as seeing what my friends and family are up to.

Yet sometimes it makes me feel worse. If I see a photo of so and so having a great time with x and y, then I start to overthink. Why doesn’t my life look like that?

The irony is, my life probably does look like that photo I’ve seen on Instagram, just not in that moment.

But sometimes I spiral… why don’t my legs look like that? I bet she doesn’t have to moisture either!

You get the picture, literally.

You were having a great day but now x, her legs and her big grin on Instagram is making you feel inadequate. For NO reason.

In reality you are just as happy as how happy that person looks in a photograph. They might not even be as happy as the appear, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

While everyone loves a good photo and a good scroll through the snapshots of people’s lives, I have to remind myself that rarely anyone uploads a bad photograph of themselves. It’s most likely going to be a good photograph, with the right angles and a filter.

So here’s my top tips to keep a good relationship with Instagram:

  1. Everyone is going to upload photos of themselves that make them feel good. That will look different to each person.
  2. The photo you’ve glanced over has been filtered the shit out of it, edited, brightened. We all do it and we all will continue to do it, because nice photos are nice to create.
  3. Don’t overthink it. x will have cellulite like you do too, or some other imperfection, because no one is perfect. You just might not see it on their feed.
  4. Don’t use Instagram as the sole way to keep in contact with someone. As I’ve said before the photos will only capture the best moments of that persons life, not the bad hair days, days spent in bed watching Netflix with ice cream. So remember to keep in contact with people off Instagram to find out how they actually are, even if it’s through DMs. Remember to check in on them.
  5. Follow people that make you laugh. I love following Chloe Bennett from Agents of Shield on Instagram. She is absolutely hilarious and doesn’t take herself too seriously (despite being on one of the best TV shows ever, and looking perf all the time).
  6. Find an account that really inspires you or motivates you. Follow them and make sure you purposely look at their feed whenever you log on to end your scroll feeling positive.
  7. Unfollow accounts that don’t make you feel good. I found following models demotivating, because I would never look like them in photograph. I wasn’t a size 6 and it made me feel worse about my body. As on Instagram it’s me taking a photo, versus a whole team of people (who aren’t including in the photograph), but put together the end photograph of the model looking perfect. It also made me like my own photographs less, even those with my family, when actually they were very happy memories, or photographs that meant a lot to me.
  8. Make Instagram your own space. Let your personality shine through. If that’s food posts, nature posts, work posts, whatever! Don’t try and copy someone else’s style just because they have more followers if it isn’t you.
  9. Don’t let it effect how you feel about yourself. If you have to eat healthily every day bar one cheat meal a week, because you gain weight even by looking at food (feels). Do not let someone else’s constant food photographs put you off, or get you down because that person doesn’t watch what they eat and still looks happy and confident. Perhaps we can learn from each other to reach that happy medium? Read more about self love here.

How do you feel about Instagram and social media?

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