Binge-worthy TV shows to Watch in Lockdown

With extra time on our hands, everyone and their Mum is looking for TV, film and book recommendations. Myself included.

I’ve binged a few series, subscribed to Disney+ (read more about my nostalgic love for it here) and started Friends from the beginning, as why not?

Whilst I am diving head first into Marvel movies, I am a sucker for a great TV show. Crime dramas at the moment are high on my list of what to watch next, they’re perfect escapism.

Anyhoo, here’s a few more series to add to your never ending list of shows to catch up with.



  • Line of Duty (5 series): A BBC series following the anti-corruption police department expose corrupt police officers. Addictive and each series interlinks.
  • How to Get Away With Murder (5 series): Students in Annalise Keating’s law class are taught to defend their murder clients and find the true killer. Flashes forward reveal that a murder has taken place and they’re all involved. Each series there’s a new murder. But do they get away with it? Bingeworhty with exceptional acting.
  • The Stranger (1 series): A stranger enters character’s life and reveals a secret that destroys that person’s whole life. Each episode, a new secret, but will they ever be resolved?
  • Safe (1 series): In a gated community, a young boy is murdered at a party, while his girlfriend goes missing. It’s a community with a secret but can the children expose it?
  • Unforgotten (3 series): Two detectives solve murders from decades ago, when their bodies are recently found.
  • Sherlock (3 series): A contemporary adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic novels. Phenomenal. Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are a winning combination.
  • Luther (4 series): A violent police drama with Idris Elba. Need I say more?
  • Designated Survivor (2 series): The US government has to have a designated survivor, the person who will assume the role of president if all other members die. But what happens when they have to rise to the challenge?


  • FRIENDS (10 seasons): You can’t beat it.
  • Gilmore Girls (7 seasons): A feel good series following the fastest talking woman and her daughter through their small town life.
  • Grace & Frankie (6 series): Two women in their seventy’s find out their husbands are leaving them… to be with each other. A hilarious show with unexpected twists.
  • The Good Place (4 seasons): In the after life Eleanor arrives in the Good Place, but there’s been a mistake. She should be in the bad place, but as she begins to blend in through deceit and lies, the good place begins to fall apart.
  • Champions (1 season): Two brothers lives are changed when an ex-girlfriend turns up with an eight year old son asking them to look after him for a while.
  • Gavin & Stacey (3 seasons): One of the best series going.
  • The Office: US or UK all will have you losing it with laughter.
  • Miranda (3 seasons): Easy watching and great humour.
  • The Sinner (2 seasons): Bit creepy, but captivating.


  • Stranger Things (3 seasons): If you haven’t watched this, HOW. Watch it now.
  • Doctor Who (12 seasons): My childhood relived. Brilliant series.

Black Comedy:

  • Dead to Me (1 series): GRIPPING.
  • After Life (1 series): He’s lost his wife and can’t face reality without her. A heart-warming and heart-breaking insight into grief. So good.

Horror/Ghost stories/’don’t watch in the dark programme’:

  • The Haunting of Hill House (1 series): It’s terrifying, bleak and beautiful. Would highly recommend to watch even if horror isn’t your thing – it’s so powerful.


Crime Drama:

  • Liar (2 series): An unsettling watch at some points, but amazing.
  • Endeavour (7): One of my absolute favourite TV Shows. Following Endeavour solve his early cases, as the prequel to the very successful Morse series.

BBC iPlayer

Black Comedy:

  • Killing Eve (2 series): BLOODY BRILLIANT. Villanelle is the best psychopath going.
  • Fleabag (2 series): ALSO BLOODY BRILLIANT. Phoebe Waller Bridge will make you laugh one second and shock you the next. Watch all of her work now.


  • Spooks (8 series): Following the MI5 solving crime around London with some classic British actors, need I say more?
  • Hustle (6 series): Brilliant, brilliant show. Great humour within the hustle drama.
  • His Dark Materials (1 series): Based on the Phillip Pullman novel with an exceptional cast.


  • Friday Night Dinner (Comedy): A sitcom loosely based on my Aunty and Uncle (not really, but really).

What tv-shows have you been watching recently?

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  • Hannah says:

    How are there so many TV series that I have never heard of on Netflix?! Thank you for sharing, will definitely be checking out some of the drama ones. xx

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