Disney + is the nostalgic tonic we all needed

Disney + couldn’t have been launched at a better time, let’s be honest. At the beginning of lockdown the platform, holding all of our childhood favourites became available for just a fiver a month.

Alongside the Pixar and Disney classics are the blockbuster Marvel and Star Wars movies. All for £5.99. They’re practically giving it away. 

I for one was lured in, and as time goes on in lockdown after watching a good dose of Modern Family (or one of my other current favourites listed here), I’m straight back to Disney +. 

For the nostalgia of my young love for Wizards of Waverly Place and the Hannah Montana Movie. For my childhood self who adored Jessie from Toy Story (obviously had the outfit and everything) and my adult self that appreciates the love, inside jokes with friends and the old memories it brings. 

I also LOVED Ariel. I was a Little Mermaid fan through and through. I was always swimming, singing, the resemblance (bar not being a princess or mermaid) was uncanny in my head.

I think I’ve watched that movie more than I’ve watched Thor Ragnarok as an adult and that is a lot. For reference I watched parts of Ragnarok everyday after it was released for months. It’s just a great film. 

Also the new live action films are just great for any age, there is literally something for all the family to enjoy. But my 87 year old Grandma is partial to Iron Man 3 though, as, well, she’s a legend.

close up of the disneyland castle
Photograph by Gui Avelar from Unsplash

When you’re in a pandemic you need the comfort, safety and nostalgia that Disney + provides.

For the action of Avengers, the ridiculousness of Captain Jack Sparrow, the pure love of Belle and the Beast (and legends such as Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts), and for all the emotional feels, Up – What a film! If you watch that and don’t cry, I’m worried for you! – It has everything.

Let’s not forget to talk about the Star Wars films, it’s home to the old and new films and The Mandolorian with the gorgeous baby Yoda. It’s a dream for Star Wars fans. 

I’m mostly grateful that I can now watch every Marvel film and series SO easily. I’m a huge MCU fan and I’d happily watch them all a gazillion times more.

I listen to the Avengers soundtrack when I’m working – it’s part of my Movie soundtrack playlist. Would highly recommend collating your favourite movie tunes if you haven’t already. 

There’s even entertainment to be had with choosing characters for each profile. I’m Doug, the dog from Up, my Mum is Russell the boy from Up (uncanny resemblance when she wears a rucksack) and my brother is the rat from Ratatouille because well, he loved cooking as a child and looked kinda like a rat (sorry not sorry). 

Anyhoo, if you don’t have Disney + and don’t think you need it, think again my sweets, think again. 

Disney + will bring back all the nostalgia of your childhood with the added bonus of hours of looking at Chris *insert surname* (Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt). Need I say more? 

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  • Hannah says:

    My boyfriend subscribed to Disney + when it was first released in the UK and I was adamant that I was never going to use it… I have spent hours re-watching all of the old Disney Channel movies and reliving my childhood years. Such nostalgia! xx

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