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why I love Jane Austen

Why I love Jane Austen’s novels

7th September 2017

This year it is the 200th anniversary of the death of one of my all time favourite authors, Jane Austen. I’ve always found it incredible how a woman from the nineteenth-century, born over two centuries before me can speak to me on so many levels as well as offer guidance for a young woman two […]

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sighh designs stickers

Why I love Sighh Designs

5th September 2017

So, one of my all time fave shops reopened on Friday with new merchandise (yay), it is the one and only Sighh Designs. I have bought bits from Sighh for ages now, first with the Roses phone case, then some stickers and stationary including the Weekly Budget book and Let’s do this revision timetable that […]

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apologia london

Apologia at Trafalgar Studios

29th August 2017

On Saturday I went to see Apologia at Trafalgar Studios in London. I haven’t had the a chance to read the play but here is the synopsis: Kristin Miller is an eminent art historian about to celebrate her birthday with her family. What should be a happy occasion is revealed to be anything but. The recent […]

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Anatomy of a Suicide by Alice Birch

10th July 2017

Last week, my friend and I went to see anatomy of a suicide by Alice Birch at the Royal Court Theatre in London. It was absolutely sensational! I hadn’t read the play before, but it follows three generations of women and their mental health. It explores the painful legacy left behind on a Granddaughter after […]

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Bakeshop, York

7th June 2017

I was never really someone who brunched that much before visiting Bakeshop and other cafes in York. I would prefer to have two meals rather than just one, but then I realised you can eat more to compensate as it is essentially one meal with the calories of two. Dreams. Yet York has so many […]

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there was a snail in my sausage

There was a snail in my sausage

22nd January 2017

Now I’m going to tell you a little story about when I found a snail in a sausage (read more in the Daily Mail here – yes it made the Mail and the Mirror here). Ellie and I were feeling the second year blues – so much work, so little time and sometimes it’s all […]

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