Secret Cinema: Netflix’s Bridgerton Ball Review

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to Secret Cinema Bridgerton Ball in London. 

As the title suggests the event is shrouded in mystery so there isn’t too many details about what to expect online. 

Essentially, as you arrive your phones are taken off you and locked in little pouches so you can’t take any photos or videos of the immersive performance. This helps with keeping the ball a secret, but I do think it would help a smidge with their marketing if they showed you how lavish and beautiful the interiors are – the attention to detail is always amazing! 

This is my second Secret Cinema experience, as I went to the Stranger Things version back in February 2020… which feels like a lifetime ago now. My cousin is an actor and has actually been in both immersive experiences so obviously we went to support him and I’m also just a huge regency, Jane Austen vibes and Bridgerton fan. 

When you get inside there are several different rooms for you to wander through all inspired by scenes from the Netflix series. As the night goes on the actors reveal themselves and the story from season one begins to unfold – introducing you to all the key characters at the debutants ball. 

There are bars, snacks and food stalls inside so you can graze away the evening as you follow the actors through the set. With immersive performances, there are always several things going on in conjunction with each other so you can pick and chose what you prefer to watch or take part in. 

Throughout the evening there were a series of dances, all of which you had a brief rehearsal for around five minutes before the scheduled dance began. There was a live string quartet playing their rendition of hit songs (just like in the series) and just a wonderful atmosphere all evening. It was quite literally a room full of people who took on the mantra ‘dance like nobody is watching’. 

The Secret Cinema Bridgerton Ball is a chance for you to step into the screen and live through the story with these characters, which obviously includes dressing for the occasion too. You never know how committed people will be with a dress code, but let me tell you they went ALL out. Think ball gowns, tiaras, feather shawls, heels, the lot. 

My gorgeous Selkie rental dress was cancelled on the day it was supposed to arrive, but I fashioned together another outfit with a square neck midi dress from New Look and a few white accessorises. I felt underdressed and if I could do it all over again, I would and in a super extra ball gown. 

It was such a really fun evening, though it is not cheap experience. My ticket cost about £70 for standard entry into the three hour event. Obviously it’s slightly more expensive than a traditional show as there’s so much more going on and it last slightly longer as well.

But if you’re in London and Bridgerton obsessed then this will be right up your street!

There’s still tickets available for the Secret Cinema Bridgerton Ball before it closes in mid-April. 

Would you go to a themed Bridgerton ball? 

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