The Book of Mormon

Disclaimer: This is not a show for my Mum, and it might not be for yours either.

This show is PURE GENIUS.

The Book of Mormon is the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. Dan and I loved this show.

After several weeks of non-stop singing around the house and the soundtrack on 24/7 in road trips, I decided to book tickets for Dan and I for his birthday.

Despite having highly inappropriate song lyrics (do not take conservative family members), this is such a brilliant idea for a musical.

After training to become Latter-Day Saints and spread the word of God, Elder Cunningham AND Elder Price are sent on their mission. Elder Price has dreamt of being sent to Florida but instead they’re sent to Uganda to convert the locals to their religion.

When the Elders arrive they find that most of the locals have aids, live in poverty and believe in female genital mutilation, sex with virgins to cure aids and actively condemn God as expressed in the song Hasadega Ebowi (Fuck you God).

The Elders don’t give up and stay and try and finish their mission. A series of ridiculous, hysterical events ensue. I will not spoil it for you, but W O W.

This should be next up on your musicals list! But maybe listen to the soundtrack before you go as it’s not everyone’s humour.

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