I chat all things University, the highs, the lows, the good, the bad and obviously the slightly ugly singing while sat on the bathroom floor of Pop World with some nugs in one hand and hash browns in another. You’re welcome.

how to prepare for third year at university

How to Prepare for Third Year

18th August 2017

First of all I feel writing a post called how to prepare for third year is slightly misleading, as I’m not sure I know how to prepare for third year. But over the past two years I’ve definitely learnt how to be prepared for a term. I’ve also learnt that it really back fires if you don’t […]

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student finance show me the money

University fees: show me the money

28th February 2017

There will be times at university where you will want to say show me the money. What have my university fees and student finance gone into? I often feel like Chandler and Ross in Vermont that I need to find ways to make back the money I’ve spent on this little venture to university. But I can’t […]

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