I don’t like my body everyday, do you?

There’s been a surge of posts recently about bodies online, especially on Instagram, which I am all for, but I have to admit that I don’t like my body everyday and I think that’s normal.

Most discussions online promote being body positive. The body positivity movement has roots in the fat acceptance movement in the 1960’s, which was a social movement to challenge anti-fat bias.

But being positive takes a lot of effort and with the term body positive there’s an added pressure to feel good or positive all the time, which is impossible.

The reality is that no one likes or feels good about their body every day. 

It could be that you don’t like how you look or maybe you have a health condition such as IBS or Crohn’s that means you don’t like how your body makes you feel or the physical symptoms that brings out.

There are many ways to be in conflict with the body you want and the body you have.

It could be having a health body as opposed to having a poorly one, or a curvy one instead of a slim frame. Everyone has a different image of what they aspire their body to be like.

I think the goal of body positivity is brilliant. I hope we all reach the point where we feel positive about ourselves, but accepting who we are and that we’ll always change is more vital than being positive.

I don’t like my body everyday. Learning to live and accept yourself on all levels is a life long process and commitment. There’s no end goal; it’s a method of viewing and talking to and about yourself.

Things to remember and things to do when you don’t love your body:

  1. Follow people online that look like you. Game changer in my opinion. Makes me ask questions like – I think they look beautiful, so why do I say I’m ugly?
  2. Buy clothes in the god damn size you are, not the size you want to be. Your size will also be different in every shop, remember style is sizeless.
  3. It’s ok if your clothes don’t fit you anymore and you need to get new ones.
  4. It’s ok to want to lose weight, just don’t talk negatively or think less of yourself in the process.
  5. It’s ok to gain weight, again, but don’t talk negatively about yourself or view this as a bad thing.
  6. It’s ok to struggle to lose or gain weight – it is hard.
  7. Everyone feels the same as you do in this moment at some point in their life. Whether it’s self loathing, disgust or pure love and acceptance, we’ve all felt the same about our bodies.
  8. Focus on accepting yourself now, rather than judging yourself against the person who you want to be/become.
  9. Accept that your body will always change with age, with the time of day, with certain foods.
  10. Find a photo of yourself where you thought you were fat/looked amazing and see how you feel about that photo now. You probably don’t feel the same now, or you do but to a lesser extent, because our view of our selves change over time as much as our bodies do.

Embrace your body for what it is and if there’s something you want to change focus on the value rather than the goal.

If you want to lose weight then maybe what you’re trying to achieve is a healthier diet, focus on that then the amount of pounds you want to lose. As after you achieve that goal, you’re still going to need to eat relatively healthy to upkeep the body you wanted.

Basically, don’t be so hard on yourself. I don’t love my body everyday, it’s a journey, and we’re all going to be on our own individual ones. It’s about building the habit and practice of accepting yourself, challenging negative self talk and reframing how you view yourself.

Do you love your body everyday?

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  • Hannah says:

    I love this. I 100% agree – there are times when I think I look stunning and other times when I like I look like shit and it can often be at the same time of day after eating the same food and wearing the same outfit, all based on my mind-set for that day. And that is okay. Balance is key in life – you need a little darkness to be able to recognise the light. xx

  • Lovely post! It’s such a positive message you’re sharing! Like everyone else, I definitely don’t like my body everyday! But that’s okay, as long as I don’t equate not liking my body to not liking myself! Great post! 😄

  • theimlife says:

    Love this post! Sizing is such an interesting one, for my teenage years I thought that I had to be a certain size but they differ SO much across brands these days, I’m glad I’ve been able to emerge from that mindset but I find it so hard to know what size to buy, especially online!! Im x

  • laurenhollie says:

    YES TO ALL OF THIS! One that really made me think was following people that look like you – I’ve done more of this recently and it’s so much healthier for the brain than following people that you *think* you want to look like!

    • Jess Bacon says:

      Definitely! Helps so much doesn’t it. I love finding accounts I can relate to rather than inspire/aspire too as sometimes it’s really disheartening! X

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