The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck

Named after Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying’, Sarah Knight has written another gem, The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. It’s a witty and eloquent self-help book on how not to give a fuck about things that don’t bring you joy.

Once you’ve cleared out your house, you should clear out your life. For Knight, she no longer attends baby showers to avoid judgements from friends who have babies while she drinks wine, and doesn’t donate to random colleagues who run to save the whales. She donates to charities she wants to.

In essence Knight suggests that the amount of fucks we can give are limited, so like our time, money, and effort, eventually they will run out. Therefore, you have to budget them, and decide what you should and shouldn’t give a fuck about, and let me tell you… it is life changing.

I LOVE Knight’s chatty, sarcastic writing style and I loved Get Your Shit Together, so I kinda new that this book would be for me. I’ve read it three times now and read parts to my Mum, who is always giving too many fucks and left exhausted with no time or energy to do what she does care about, after she’s given her fucks freely and without thought to everyone but herself.

Side note – if you don’t like hearing the word fuck then maybe this book or my blog won’t be for you, but either power through or, come back to it when you need to hear her words, cos trust me ya do. My Mum wasn’t sure about it, but it’s also changing her life, and decluttering her life and house.

To start you write a list of all the fucks you give – whether you want to or not. For instance things I gave a fuck about – but didn’t want to – were going to seminars of books I hadn’t read/liked, reading books I’m told to – and don’t like, other people’s opinions of me, and people who were just shitty friends.

Yes, the fucks you give do change over time, but those seminars remain a fuck waste – yet I still had to go to get my degree (SAD TIMES), so I gave up my fucks elsewhere aka like what other people think of me or my body, and I will never ever touch those dusty old books that no soul wanted to read in the first place. Ya know the ones that are meant to be good but make you wonder what you’re having for dinner later, or where there’s a lighthouse you could run to to hide in, to not read ‘To the Lighthouse’ AGAIN. Sorry, not sorry Woolf.

Whereas things I do give a fuck about and what to spend my time and effort on are friendships, my fam, books that everyone recommends, things I enjoy, the environment, Brexit, travel, and being a good friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister, niece etc.

It gets tricker when you have something you hate but is necessary, for instance, Knight disliked her job and quit knowing that she’d have no income but she had the intention to write novels. Not everyone will have that option, as while they may not give a fuck about what earns their money, they give a fuck about having a house, supporting their family and paying their bills/eating.

It’s quite simple really, and Knight explains it in a concise, funny, and relatable manner.

If you’re exhausted, annoyed you have to visit that family member that bores you, or fed up of generally caring about everyone and everything a bit too much (especially when it isn’t reciprocated) then this book is for you. Use this lil guide as a lil starter, then tackle her best book.

Have you read The Life Changing Magic of not giving a fuck?

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  • Hannah says:

    I love love love this post! I have yet to read the book but it is on my list to read. I loved Marie Kondo’s Netflix series so I know I will love Sarah’s book too. xx

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