We get it, you’re busy.

It’s no secret that we are all super, duper, friggin busy. The kinda busy where the phrase “I’m free three weeks on Thursday” is very normal, and something I would never want to change. I love that my friends and family are living their own lives and aiming for their own goals, keep hustling along gang.

Yet people love to tell you just HOW busy they are. How are you? Busy. How’s your week been? Busy. Where did this month go? I don’t know I’ve been so busy. Y A W N. I’m busy is such a boring thing to say and I cannot be the only person who thinks that.

Tell me something I don’t know my sweet. How about what you’ve been busy with? That’s way more interesting.

I kinda switch off if someone tells me that they’re busy, as it’s the equivalent of saying I ate breakfast this morning, it’s a given. If they’d said I’ve had such a quiet week I’d be like WHY? HOW? what happened? What’s your secret??

It gets worse when “I’m busy” becomes a competition or excuse. I’ve just been so busy I forgot you existed, sorry. Not cool bro. “I’m busy” is not an excuse pals, to not reply, not call back, or ignore the attempts someone makes to see you. It becomes an insult really as saying I’m busy, kinda assumes that the other person isn’t as busy as you. I’m sure they are; they’re hustling in their own way, be supportive.

Spoiler alert – we’re all busy. You have to find time, MAKE time – if you figure out how lemme know – and if that person is a good pal then they will. 100% of the time. It might be in two weeks time, but they’ve still made time for your lil self. Thank them kindly.

PS don’t bore them with a story about how busy you’ve been when you do eventually see them. Instead tell them what has been keeping you busy or maybe bored af, that is wayyyyy more interesting.

Yep, so being “busy” is something we all are, even if it’s busy-ness we create for ourselves in our free time. Perhaps we have to do all the house jobs, pop to the bank and send back parcels, that’s a busy ass day you’ve got yourself there on a day off.

I’m a sucker for keeping myself busy, even though I hate to describe it as busy. I love having a long to do list and being proactive af and getting all of it done. Rather that than twiddling my thumbs all day everyday.

But am I gonna bore some poor soul with saying I’m busy? Nah.

I also go with the rule that if another person has time to see you, then you have time to see them. Simple eh?

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  • hanmwill says:

    Oh gosh, the ‘I’m busy competition’ is the bane of my life and I deal with it every week at work!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ This is so refreshingly honest and I gotta say I’m definitely sometimes guilty of the I’m busy excuse but you’re 100% right, you make time for the things you want to!

  • thedisoriental says:

    “Some people talk to you in their free time. Some people free their time to talk to you. Know the difference.” – This quote comes to mind.

    Also, sometimes I wonder if the shift in phone-usage habits (less calls, more texts/whatsapps) contributed to this busy-ness paradigm as well? Sometimes when I observe my partner, I find he would literally- while in a cafe or walking down the street- call a friend or family member up just to ask how they are. The only time he doesn’t reply is when he’s in a meeting or his hands are occupied, but he would almost always return the call/message the moment he is available.

    It’s very interesting, now that I’m typing this out, to notice the difference between him and I (he’s in an older generation).

    Would love to read more of this if you’re writing a series! 😉

    Thank you for sharing!

    J x

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