22 things I’ve learnt at 22

22 things I've learnt at 22

As I turn 23 in a month’s time, I thought I’d reflect back on 22 things I’ve learnt while I’ve been 22. (I just wanna play Taylor Swift every time I write 22.)

It’s been a year of firsts – new house, new city, new countries, new adventures, new job and lots of new people and in general it’s been a pretty amazing year! But as always, it’s had it’s moments, but thankfully, there’s been far more good than bad.

I’ve learnt a lot at 22 and with a month to go until I age again (dammit) I feel that it’s been a productive and rather special year. Also with four weeks to go until my birthday and six weeks till a half marathon I’m sure I can squeeze in a few more exciting bits while I’m 22!

22 things I’ve learnt at 22

  1. Life is never simple… even when you get comfortable, feel happy and secure, it’ll throw a curve ball at you. I already knew this really, but I’ve been reminded that life is never simple, there are always unexpected adventures.
  2. Don’t plan too far ahead, roll with it. Yes somethings do need planning in advance such as weddings, where you’re going to live when the rent runs out, where your next pay check is coming from. But the rest, you can probably relax about. Even if you don’t know where you’re living when your agreement runs out, don’t plan too far in advance and then you won’t be as disappointed when it doesn’t work out.
  3. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything. Half marathon, new job, get healthier, get a dog, get a cat, save money, go travelling, you name it, you can do it.
  4. The worst thing to do is try and do something alone.
  5. You never know how much your kindness will impact someone’s day, so show your kindness, pay that compliment or for that coffee and brighten that person’s day. Life is short, don’t waste it.
  6. Nobody cares how you look, it holds absolutely no real value at all, it’s what you do that they’ll remember.
  7. Stretch your god damn muscles.
  8. Reach out to friends often, check in, meet up, go away together and have quality pal time, often.
  9. A cuddle with your dog can pretty much solve anything.
  10. There is no need to have so much stuff. Get rid of it, sell it online, chuck it out, nobody needs a playsuit with three holes in just because it was a ride or die staple two years ago!
  11. I really enjoyed (and part of me will miss) being in education.
  12. Running is really good for your mental and physical health – yes, I’m late to the ball on this one, but running without headphones is a game changer.
  13. Don’t wait to travel, travel as often as you can and visit those places you really want to go to. Someone will probably come with you, because duhh travel! But even if they don’t or can’t afford it, go by yourself.
  14. Make shit happen. Nobody owes you anything, if you want something, then work for it.
  15. People will always let you down, but you have to deal with that. Forgive that. Make peace with it and move on.
  16. It doesn’t matter where you are, it’s who you’re with.
  17. Baking is a great way to make your colleagues happy (True story)
  18. Take risks, as even when they don’t work out, you’ve learnt something from them. But more than often, that risk will pay off. Maybe not straight away, but eventually it will.
  19. Just because you love the people, doesn’t mean you should stay in the job.
  20. Know your worth… at work, at home, for yourself, know your own worth and cling onto it.
  21. A good album or song will change your mood/day/week entirely.
  22. I really like having my own place/space with things I’ve chosen that feel like home to me.

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  • Hannah says:

    I turned 23 just over a month ago so I can definitely relate to not wanting to grow older! I am now closer to 25 than 20 and that is just unacceptable!!
    All of these are such good lessons. My biggest struggle at the moment is whether I should be saving for my own flat/house or whether I should be spending my money on travel and experiences. I want to do both! xx

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