Life After Uni

‘I don’t even have a pl-‘ for life after University, as Phoebe would say (I hope you’re a Friends Fan). I often have no idea what I’m doing next and struggle to plan the next 5 months let alone the next 5 years.

Here, I share my experience of life after university. From things I wish I’d known, to the failures I’ve made along the way it’s all here. I will help you navigate the real world after graduation as I’ve done it and continue to do it. I don’t have the answers, but I’ve got some tips that will hopefully help!

Welcome to the real world, it sucks, you’re gonna love it.

Keeping in touch with friends after University 

30th October 2018

There is an art to keeping in touch with friends after university. The final weeks are amazing, especially at dissertation hand in – which was one of the best days and nights EVER – and my final few days in York including Summer Ball, for a tipsy night with my BFFs.  There were dresses, hairspray, […]

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anxiety post university

Life Post-University: Graduate Anxiety

16th July 2018

University brought wonderful things into my life, but I also developed anxiety especially as a graduate. I’d never really had anxiety beforehand, not like I’d experienced at university anyway. And I always managed to control it, because my main anxiety would occur before an exam but then my philosophy of whatever happens, happens, would pipe […]

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crumbs cafe

Adjusting to life after university

21st May 2018

While I am adjusting to life after university, I am now not actually completely done with education. It’s as big of a surprise to me as it is to you. But let’s just rewind for a second. A week ago, (but it feels like four weeks ago) I finished my degree! Then once I was sober […]

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