Life After Uni

‘I don’t even have a pl-‘ for life after University, as Phoebe would say (I hope you’re a Friends Fan). I often have no idea what I’m doing next and struggle to plan the next 5 months let alone the next 5 years.

Here, I share my experience of life after university. From things I wish I’d known, to the failures I’ve made along the way it’s all here. I will help you navigate the real world after graduation as I’ve done it and continue to do it. I don’t have the answers, but I’ve got some tips that will hopefully help!

Welcome to the real world, it sucks, you’re gonna love it.

22 things I've learnt at 22

22 things I’ve learnt at 22

16th February 2020

As I turn 23 in a month’s time, I thought I’d reflect back on 22 things I’ve learnt while I’ve been 22. (I just wanna play Taylor Swift every time I write 22.) It’s been a year of firsts – new house, new city, new countries, new adventures, new job and lots of new people […]

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The end of an era

24th January 2020

This week has been filled with tears, for many reasons, as it is the end of an era. Today I say goodbye to my first post-uni or proper job as the Editor of Architecture Magazine at the Peterborough based publishers Media One. It was a decision made for many reasons; I moved towards Cambridge and […]

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Should you do a Masters?

17th January 2020

After being in education for seventeen years, it was daunting not knowing what the next step was after graduating from my Bachelor’s degree in English. I got my GCSE’s, A-Levels, BA degree; I’d got the set of qualifications my teachers had always encouraged me to get. But, then what? Nobody at the University of York […]

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Returning to Blogging after going MIA

3rd October 2019

That’s right after months of being MIA, I’m returning to blogging. I know, it’s been a while. But I’ve had a busy few weeks so my blog fell to the bottom of my priority list and I’m only just picking it back up again. But where do I start? So much has happened in the […]

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One Year after University

4th June 2019

It’s officially one year since I left University. So it’s a year since I packed up my cosy student room in York, crammed it into my Mini and entered the real, adult world. I had no job, no income, and no plans bar a handful of fun things with my friends and family that was […]

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London pandemic

Make your own luck

22nd February 2019

In life you have to make your own luck. If you achieve your dream career, or can afford a beautiful home, or achieve something you’ve been striving for you’re often told that you’re lucky. Out of millions of people trying to be or do x or y, you’ve done it. You’re the lucky one, or […]

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Note to Self: Just Keep Swimming

23rd January 2019

January is the month we dive head first into everything and I have to remind myself to just keep swimming as Dory would say. We pick up things we’ve forgotten over the holiday whether it’s fitness, work, personal goals, organising and decluttering our life. It’s the time when we all simultaneously try and do everything […]

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Get comfortable being uncomfortable

27th November 2018

It’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s no secret that I love to plan (mainly for the stationary) and in those rare moments I actually have free time, and feel slightly bored, then I have something to look forward too. Also my friends are all super busy with real lives of their own, so […]

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