The end of an era

This week has been filled with tears, for many reasons, as it is the end of an era.

Today I say goodbye to my first post-uni or proper job as the Editor of Architecture Magazine at the Peterborough based publishers Media One. It was a decision made for many reasons; I moved towards Cambridge and wanted to be closer to my nest, I don’t enjoy driving in a car every morning and evening to commute to work, to then sit at a desk all day. I’d progressed through numerous publications, the job had been varied and accommodating and flexible but then it flatlined. No more change and as more work was piled onto my head I found I wasn’t doing what I loved about the job and why I started in the first place – to write. To be paid to write.

Journalism does suit me. I enjoy the research, the variety, the editing and refining the features. Inventing each article that will fill the pages of another 64 page monthly magazine. But I think my time had come.

It feels like the end of an era as I’ve made so many wonderful friends. As one of the children (a twenty something graduate) in the company, I got the benefit of everything. Learning from others, being willing to learn (as I knew nothing) and constantly making a joke about how a child was allowed to run a magazine??!

Throw in some weekly biscuit runs, some office drama about who buys the milk, a movie soundtrack playing in the background or “Shallow” on repeat, a cheeky lunchtime bev, a Friday workday cocktail, a million and one flat plans, deadline extensions, clients cancelling last minute, and you’ve got yourself a hint of the office.

I read, I edit, I clean my glasses a million times as I have to keep taking them off when I have a hot cup of tea and they steam up. I take a snack out of my drawer (I had to empty my snack drawer embarrassingly before I left. Love. A. Snack)

I’ll miss long chats about cat videos, kids, new houses, house improvements, husbands, partners, boyfriends, whether they did or didn’t go to the gym, what we’re having for lunch and the general support and loveliness that comes with seeing people most days for eighteen months. I’ll miss harassing people on skype with gifs, people wanting to steal my coffee, the printer breaking every other day, the day the the server broke, email and website troubles every few weeks (gives a good break to email admin – snooze), asking Dan the IT man to fix my website/computer/login every few weeks (I don’t think he’ll miss that though).

I love them all and I have in whole loved the experience and responsibility the job has given me. It was just time for a new challenge.

But now it’s come to it, I’m sad to go and as with all change I find myself wondering why I made that decision in the first place.

Everything feels out of balance and unsure, but one thing is for certain, I will be sad to not turn up into the office to their faces on Monday.

But I’m on a new adventure now, which is terrifying to face alone. It’ll be challenging and I’m sure exciting (when I figure out how to get there and what to do). It’s just the end of an era as well.

PS I’ll also miss when people bring their babies and puppies into work!!!!

Baxter booo

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