My Creative Writing Masters Graduation

I had my Graduation yesterday, when I received my Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Leicester.

Not quite sure where those twelve months went, but I certainly have learnt and written more in a year than I have in a long time.

I really enjoyed my course and loved going back to graduate with a handful of my course mates from De Montfort Hall yesterday. It was an early start, but we avoided the rain and the ceremony included some very inspiring speakers and an excellent band.

As most ceremonies do, it went on for an age. Who knew there were so many courses on offer?! There were seven full pages of graduates to get through in the ceremony and that was the first of two ceremonies that day!

Now it’s all done I feel a huge sense of relief (for not falling over) and achievement (for finishing an MA). It feels very rewarding to do a course in a year and graduate from it. There isn’t the long impending slog of a degree of three or even more years. It’s very snappy, bursting at the seams with learning and it’s a really challenging work load and change of pace.

I am extremely grateful to my course mates and my tutors that provided constant support, advice and feedback on my work throughout the year and my essays. I felt well supported as a student at Leicester and I think that’s quite a rare thing to find at University.

There were also times when the University couldn’t or didn’t help (especially with unforeseen circumstances) but on balance that was also me being reluctant to accept help and apply for mitigating circumstances. My motto with most things in my life is: “I’ve been through worse, so I can get through this”.

What next?

Well, I wrote 12,000 words of a novel for my MA dissertation that I aim to finish this year. I’d love to finish it (or attempt it) and send it out to publishers, just to get it out in the open and get some feedback.

I also want to write regularly. The amount I wrote over the twelve month course (35,000 words) has shown me how much I can do alongside working full time and that if I put my mind to it, I should be able to produce a hefty body of creative work before the year is out.

My Masters and both of my Graduations have reminded me how much I appreciate education.

Higher education courses offer the opportunity to learn a great deal about yourself, your work ethic and your determination as well as all the academic knowledge and qualifications that you gain.

I want to continue with and grow my side hustles; writing features for magazines, reviewing books, as well as collaborations and charity work. I really enjoy being busy and having a varied workload as I have a very wide range of interests all of which I want to pursue – it’s just not always possible at the same time.

On another exciting note, I begin a new job in less than two weeks in marketing at a publishers in Cambridge. I’m excited for the new change of pace and to work in a completely different sector of publishing.

Watch this space, I guess!

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