Guess who’s back?

That’s right after months of being MIA, ya girl is back.

It’s been a busy few weeks so my blog fell to the bottom of my priority list and I’m only just picking it back up again. But where do I start?

So much has happened in the past few weeks since moving in with my boyfriend Dan at the beginning of August.

I abandoned Dan a week after moving in to go on holiday – sorry not sorry. My family and I did a little road trip of Massachusetts from Boston to Cape Cod to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Then Dan and I spent a week in the beautiful Croatian sunshine in Split and Dubrovnik; it was a wonderful warm week with the quote of the holiday from Dan being: “We’re quite sweaty people aren’t we?” He says the sweetest things.

I’ve also written a 15,000 word dissertation – almost double the amount of my undergraduate dissertation – for my Masters, which is now done and dusted. No biggie. After receiving results in November, I should be Jess Bacon BA, MA. Dang.

Whilst I’d love to get the full set and go for a PhD as well – I mean I’ve come this far right? In my day to day life I don’t need a PhD nor do I need it for my future career, so it would be rather pointless at the moment. So for now, it’s thank you education and goodnight… but never say never…

One of the best things over the past few months has been going to the theatre and reading more – two of my favourite things. We took a big family trip to see Hamilton in August and Dan and I went to see Book of Mormon for his birthday a few weeks ago. Both shows were (as you’d expect) incredible and Dan and I have well and truly reignited our love for musicals.

Thanks to my holidays I actually took the time to read books again and finished August having read eight books. Not too shabby. But there’s always so much more to read eh? You finish one, go to the next book on your shelf and then a new book you desperately want to read comes out! (I’m obviously referring to Margaret Atwood’s Testaments and Scarlett Curtis’ It’s not ok to feel blue and other lies.)

Thankfully I now have the time to read or watch whatever I’d like as I have finally finished education. I will never have to look at a required reading list again and that brings me SO much joy!

Though I am already slightly bored… I mean what do normal people do on their lunch breaks? I’ve been writing and editing every lunch time at my Mum’s for weeks, now what do I do? It’s not like I can even use it to have my lunch as I eat my lunch at 12 at my desk everyday. Okay, fine, it’s closer to 11:30.

Don’t get me wrong the final three weeks before my deadline were awful. There were so many tears, edits, rewrites, thesaurus searches, but once it’s done, once it’s sent and there’s nothing more you could have done, there’s such a feeling of accomplishment! It’s a bit addictive that way, but I have deadlines at work so hopefully that fills that tiny void!

I’ve also been training for a half marathon – yes me, lol – that I am doing in Peterborough next Sunday. I’m super excited for the run, the atmosphere and most of all raising money for Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice in memory of my Dad.

I’m rambling but I’ve missed blogging and I’m excited to finally have the time I’d like to dedicate to this. Watch this space for more posts and more photos of gorgeous places and people from the past few months!

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  • Niobe says:

    Welcome back! Sounds like such a busy few months – I feel tired just reading about it!

  • Hannah says:

    Good luck with the run! I know you are going to smash it!
    I have been so bad at reading recently. I keep forgetting my charge my Kindle and then by the time I have charged it, I have started doing something else. Definitely not going to meet my quota for the year! Sorry Goodreads… xx

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