It’s a great day for feminism.

great day for feminism

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in feminism. Throughout history women have fought to shatter ceilings and demolish walls that separated them from rooms and positions of power. From this tireless work, women have risen to the positions they hold throughout the world today.

Four years ago, an overqualified woman lost a presidential race to a man who’d said (on video for the world to see) that men can do whatever they want with women, they can “grab them by the pussy”. Yet, he was still granted the power and autonomy of being the president of the United States.

Whether you agreed with Hilary Clinton’s policies or actions, she had the most experience for the role. The 2016 election reminded us all that it’s still very much a man’s world.

As of about an hour and a half ago, Joe Biden is the new President of the United States with his Vice President, Kamala Harris. Kamala has made history as the first female, first black and first Asian-American US Vice-President. She was also sworn in by the first Hispanic and Latina member of court, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Stotomayor.

Alongside these remarkable women, the First Lady, Dr Jill Biden has announced she will continue her professional career whilst in office. Another groundbreaking moment in American history.

Poet Amanda Gorman also reminded us of the power of the written word and the arts with her poem, The Hill We Climb, a new composition for this ceremony. She is the youngest poet to ever perform at a presidential inauguration, and she absolutely stole the show. It’s an exceptional tribute to the talent and perspective young artists have to offer the world in moments of despair and of hope.

As Sotomayor stated, today has reminded “little girls and little boys across the world that anything is possible.” In an incredible dark and divided time, this is an incredible moment of hope for us all.

It’s a story of resilience, optimism, ambition and aspiration. As Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated, “women belong in all places decisions are being made” and today that happened. It’s a great day for feminism.

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  • Hannah says:

    I have been trying to keep up-to-date all day with all the changes that Biden has made on his FIRST day as President and I am so happy to see all the positive changes that have occurred and all the wrongs that have been righted! Now to sort out UK politics…. ;P xx

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