Reunion on the North Norfolk Coast

On Tuesday Becca and I woke up ridiculously early to pick up Lucy from Norfolk and head to the coast for a needed catch up and sea air and of course Fish and Chips. We drove inland and picked up Lucy from her idyllic house in Norfolk – the literal dream right? Then headed first to Wells-Next-To-The-Sea.

Wells is a lovely village and in our opinion the best place to get Fish and Chips in Norfolk. We wandered down the front and went in search for Rock for Becca to take home to her fam, before walking out towards the beach. It isn’t a long walk, but there is a little train if you aren’t feeling the walk. At this point the sun was shining so we walked up, past the harbour and the boats out towards the sea.

I always forget how nice Wells beach is, and how all beaches in Norfolk just seem to go on for miles and miles on end. Once we had walked down to the sea edge we walked along towards Holkham beach before heading back again. Of course we paddled, and yes it was freezing as ever but it feels like a holiday because you’re by the sea yanoo? The sun was also shining at this point so it actually felt like it was a British Summer, rather than the rain rn as I write this.

After finally putting our sandy feet into our shoes – is there anything worse? I will be finding sand FOREVER in my car now but hey ho – we then wandered back to Wells to have fish and chips in the harbour alongside the v v cute, Betty, the baby Basset Hound whose fam had brought her bowl and food so she could have lunch before they did, CUTIES.


We then did a lil tour of the coast that was slightly longer than expected as lol I thought I knew the way and tbf I knew the road I just went the wrong way on it, what a pro. So yep we ended up in Hunstanton, looked at the Lighthouse anddddd turned round in the car park to go to Blakeney our original destination, just a small blonde moment.

BUT we did make it to Blakeney and in time to go to a v nice cafe called Grey Seal Coffee, which has been voted one of the 25 best Cafe’s in the UK. It’s a chain of three, and one that Lucy recommended for it’s Brew and Brownie vibe, and it did not disappoint.

PS I didn’t have a cake, but stole Becca’s so creds to B for giving me her photogenic stem ginger cake as datum you can see the moistness from here.

Then we wandered back to the car, before driving back to Lucy’s for our lil tour to be over. Sad times. But it has also made me v excited to be back in York with these gals permanently in less than a month, for third year, ahhhh.

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