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This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Vix Meldrew. If you don’t know Vix then first of all, where have you been? Vix has been taking the blogger world by storm for years. She’s a blogger, podcaster and the founder of Grow & Glow, a personal branding membership for creatives.

I’ve been a member of Grow & Glow for several months now and I’ve been blown away by the amount of expertise, training and tools on offer.

Here Vix shares her journey of turning her passion into her full-time job.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your life. 

I’ve been blogging since 2014 and started my blog whilst I was a full time primary school teacher. 4 years later, I left teaching to be a full-time content creator – a role that’s evolved over the years and now I also coach others wanting to build personal brands through my membership ‘Grow & Glow’.

In my personal life, I live happily with my husband in rural Kent and am starting to enjoy a slower but more joy-filled pace of life!

What made you want to start a blog?

I followed bloggers for a couple of years before plucking up the courage to start my own. I loved seeing how these women were building brands and businesses for themselves, just by sharing their personalities online! I hoped that by starting mine, I could find a community and carve a space for myself on the internet.

How has your blog evolved over the years?

When I first started, it was definitely a classic, ‘lifestyle blog’ but after breaking up with my ex, I pivoted it to become a dating/single gal in London blog and that’s where things took off!

How did you transform your passion into your full-time job?

I focused on building an engaged community and honing my content creation craft. I started working with brands and was earning an equivalent amount to my teaching salary so decided to take the plunge and try it full time!

Since then, things have fortunately gone from strength to strength because I’ve diversified my income and am now teaching again which brings me the most fulfillment! Sure, it might not be 8 year olds but teaching people how to build personal brands online is just as fun! And no marking…

Apart from bringing in your livelihood, what else has blogging brought into your life?

Over the past few years, I feel like I’ve grown into the version of myself that I wanted to be in my early twenties – assertive, confident, better with money, focused and happy! Building my own brand and therefore creating my own lifestyle has totally facilitated this!

Could you tell us about Grow & Glow. 

vix's company grow and glow

Grow & Glow is a personal branding membership for people looking to create an offer or service and build a business online. We teach you every step of the way – from finding your thang, to nailing your content strategy, to building an audience and we are always adding new trainings and new resources to the membership hub.

We also offer monthly live trainings AND monthly group coaching where members can chat about their progress, celebrate their wins and get support. Before COVID, we regularly hosted in person events and can’t wait to start planning more workshops for our brilliant members!

How has founding Grow & Glow changed your life?

I had gotten to the point, with blogging full time, where I wasn’t feeling as fulfilled as I had been when teaching. After a lot of therapy and coaching, I realised that I am a natural teacher and that I need an element of that within my business, otherwise I’d never be satisfied with it.

I also wanted to get better with money and build something of my own so didn’t want to rely on sponsorship income from brands. Founding Grow & Glow has facilitated the best life for me  – I get to be creative, I get to teach, I get to work on my terms, I get to help others build their brands and lifestyles too and I get the flexibility to centre my personal development and joy in life – rather than feeling like I’m always ‘working’.

Plus I have met so many incredible people and have gotten to see so many members launch their personal brands and find success too. 

Has your background in teaching helped with running workshops and training for other creatives?

I think it’s given me the confidence that I know what I’m doing. With teaching, you have this skill called ‘assessment for learning’ which means you’re always meeting the learners where they’re at rather than pitching lessons that may go over or under their heads. This way I can zone in on what the members are crying out for and create the trainings and resources to meet their needs!

Where do you hope the business will be in the next year or so?

We’d love to have 1000 members with us but truly my biggest dreams for it is to take my team on full time, turn it into a whole brand in itself and the thing I’d bloody LOVE to do? Host a 2 day conference! Dream right there!

Is there a charity you’d like to mention that’s close to your heart?

The charities we support within Grow & Glow and that I support personally are Help A London Child and Refuge.

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  • Molly says:

    Fab post! It’s so nice to hear Vix’s background story! Xo

  • Hannah says:

    I have seen Grow & Glow mentioned a few times but have never actually taken the time to look into it – it sounds like such an interesting and unique concept! I loved hearing about Vix’s story behind Grow & Glow and how the business grew into what it is today. Thank you for sharing. xx

  • cherbelle says:

    I recently found out about Vix and have been listening to her podcasts and subscribed to her blog ever since ! She gives the most amazing advice and has has helped me so much ! Great interview 💘

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