10 things every girl needs to remember

advice for girls they need to remember

On Saturday I read Hannah’s blog post 17 Things every girl needs to remember at all times and I found I could relate to it entirely. After reading it I felt better about myself and about my day.

I strongly recommend that everyone reads it as it’s a reminder that we are all ONLY human and some days are going to be crap.

It doesn’t matter whether your life is going well or terribly, there’s a chance you will still have a meltdown. I have friends who have actually had a meltdown because they are panicking that they haven’t had a meltdown in so long. Seriously, it happens.

I often get frustrated that my life isn’t always together. 

Why don’t I always wake up at a reasonable time everyday? To get everything I need to done, go to bed, get 8 hours sleep, then do the same the next day? Why doesn’t my life look like *insert celebrity*?

If you can relate, that’s a-ok. I wrote about having bad days even when you feel better here.

We can all only do so much in one day, and from day to day our priorities change, so do our routines. But that does not mean you should beat yourself up for missing a workout or having to read only a synopsis of a book before a seminar instead of the entire thing.

Life is too short to worry about what didn’t happen.

Remember that sometimes we all expect too much of ourselves and each other.

Focus on the fact that life is about balance and you will lose your balance some of the time, but you always regain it.

Therefore, in response to this amazing post – I will stop gushing soon – that you all should read, I came up with my own:

10 things that every girl needs to remember:

  1.  Social media is not real. What you are looking at are the highlights of that persons life. I don’t need to see you brush your teeth anymore than you’d want to see me do mine, so we see the better bits.
  2. Chicken nuggets will solve everything.
  3. Friendships and relationships are equally important. Don’t forget your friendships in a relationship, they’re just as important. I’m sure you’ll need a chat and movie night with them as much as you do with your partner.
  4. A good song can change your mood. Play a tune you love, sing loudly and as horrifically as you want, dance, the whole lot. It will make you feel 10x better.
  5. A hot bath, a bit of Michael Buble and a cup of tea is a perfect way to relax.
  6. You are capable of anything.
  7. Drink lots of water. It’s actually true that it does make you feel better, and clear your skin, it just doesn’t taste as good as wine, sad times.
  8. Life is too short to have regrets. If you want to travel, save up and go. If you don’t want to work out that day, don’t! Sit in your sweatpants and eat cake proudly, because you’re doing exactly what you want to do.
  9. When you’re down do something productive – write, bake (and eat it all, of course), cook, watch a film, go for a walk, exercise, paint, sew, draw. It will distract you from whatever it is you’re down about and it just means your energy is going into something constructive.
  10. Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you have to keep pedalling. You will fall off, there will be bumps, pain and lots of shit along the way (all metaphorical we hope), but you can do it, just keep going. You will gain so much strength and resilience for getting through what life throws at you, and it’ll make you appreciate the good bits more. But at the time it’s just crap, and you don’t ever need to pretend that it isn’t.

What would your advice be? What should every girl remember when they’re feeling down?

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