Cut the crap. 

Cutting the crap was a NY resolution that Beth and I drunkenly decided on NYE to keep in 2017. And so far, we’re both doing pretty god damn well really.

We basically wanted to cut the crap in all areas of our lives, the food, bad thoughts, bad people, bad events, things we didn’t want to do, we cut. Bc they’re crap. Filter out all the bad bits and you are actually left with the good, and feel happier and more yourself – who knew?

It feels like there is always a lot of people who want to patronise, judge, or criticise you, who competitively decide who’s winning at life by judging your social media, your texts, your clothes, your facial expressions. I had a teacher at school even say they knew how I was feeling from the state of my hair that day – um, no. And they only do this of course to point out who’s losing at life that day, so they can be patronised by the false “winners”. It’s all a load of bull.

In life there is only one person worth competing with – if you even think it is a competition – and that is yourself. Nobody else is in your race, because nobody else has lived your life, experienced your experiences. In the end we all have to live separately in our own heads, and that is who you’re competing with: previous versions of yourself.

I found myself becoming frustrated by how unmotivated I was at the beginning of last term. I socialised, I did my work, overall it was great, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I couldn’t work out why I was doing this? It isn’t what I want to do long term so why do it now? Where is the creativity and the fun?

I don’t like being disorganised, I am mostly a v organised and disciplined person and I had to admit to people how unorganised and stressed I felt. It was a really embarrassing thing for me, and while some people patronised me, most people were in the exact same boat and it’s actually really relatable as no one is completely on it all the time. As my blog title aptly states life is unexpected and throws unexpected things at you, you have to try and embrace, bc well you don’t actually have much choice, and I’ve dwelled about what I can’t change for way too long and lemme tell ya it was not worth it.

Some people won’t like you, if everyone likes you then trust me you’re doing something wrong. Just be yourself, be genuine and if people don’t like you, then they don’t. Some people also aren’t worth your time, the mood hoovers in ya life are not worth it, the snakes, the false friends, are all not worth it. Accept who you are, and try to be the best version of yourself and then you’ve succeeded, you’ve won at life if you are the truest, kindest version of you. Whatever shape or form or manner that comes, we should all just aim for that. Live your life to the full and just BE KIND, I’m so fed up of people being unnecessarily rude or mean, bc life is wayy too short for that. So let’s cut the crap shall we?

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  • This post is so inspiring and motivating – I completely agree! I’ve cut so much BS from my life and tried to become a lot more positive. I hate that people think you need lots and lots of friends, and actually how people can be so fake around each other purely for this purpose. I’d much rather have a handful of true friends than fake and pretend I love everyone!
    Viola xo | A Piece of Viola

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