Our Weekend in Oslo

So I have been instaspamming everyone with numerous photos from my weekend away with Matt in Oslo and have finally got round to blogging about it after returning to reality and attempting to do some revision (lol good luck Jess).

It was my birthday present from Matt – dis guy, how dreamy and it was an amazing weekend.

Tbh I’m still so surprised we went mainly bc we are idiots and missed our train to the airport, and ending up getting a taxi there instead, before rushing through security in 30 mins and getting on the flight… but we managed to do *yay*. Otherwise this would be a real short blog post about the best birthday present that almost happened.

But we made it after we combined our skills and made one functioning adult, and as we descended into Oslo it was covered in snow *big opened mouth emoji*. It looked like we were going into a snow globe and I was beyond excited, and well and truly embarrassed Matt. Turns out sometimes you can see the four/five year age gap, oops.


One thing you notice straight away about Oslo is how efficient and clean everything is, I mean you need public transport? They have it all. Trains from the airport, tram, metro, bus, ferry, all of it. And all of it is high tech, clean, efficient, like a super functioning Ikea futuristic land. And yes it’s as awesome as I just made it sound.

When we arrived we got a train then a tram to our apartment in Bogstadvien and the apartment was lushhhh. I’d never used Air B n B before but dayum it’s worth it.


Then we set out exploring in the torrential rain. But nobody panic because Matt’s been before and knew his way around, right? Well that’s what he said.

After an hour of following his “instinct” and ignoring Google Maps bc obviously it’s going to be the satellite that’s wrong and not the wizard that is Matthew, he finally he let me use my own google maps and find somewhere to have dinner and stop walking round the block. Aka lesson learnt here is that you CAN always trust a global satellite! Who knew?

We did then have a v lovely evening so I can’t complain too much.


I also went to and enjoyed the Vegetarian Cafe we went too at Matt’s request, as it was said to be the best one in Oslo and I survived a meal without meat *gasp*. Side note, as much as he tries I will probably always be a meat eater, at least for the foreseeable future (sorry), but that vegan brownie and wrap was dreamy.

Anyway, we explored lots and would both agree that the best way to see Oslo is 100% by foot, yes despite their amazing transport services, just walk. It’s pretty compact and you’ll find yourself walking round the same block several times (we did loads but maybe that was just us) but it helps you get a really good grip of where you are in the city, and after only a day we realised actually how small and close everything was together.

Also get the Oslo pass, free entry to tons of museums, galleries, on most transport. Super helpful. AND you get to go on the Museum ferry aka a ferry that takes you to museum, bc why travel by bus when you can travel by boat right?

By boat you can get to the Viking Ship Museum and the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, both of which were fantastic. To see three Viking Ships actually made Anglo-Saxon seem relevant, which is something that I never thought would happen.


I could write a whole blog post on the Norsk Folkemuseum (Norwegian Museum of Cultural History) and might at some point, it’s got a whole eighteenth century replica of a Norwegian village including the Stave Church that is all over Instagram.



I also majorly geeked out about the Henrik Ibsen Museum, we only realised it even existed the night before we left the next day, but managed to squeeze the museum in before we left. This again was so worth it.

Another must do is visiting Oslo’s harbour. Matt and I walked around as the sun was setting and wandered round the restaurants, swanky af apartments, bars and business buildings. It was stunning, and a truly magical eve.


It’s one of those evenings that a camera will never do justice, but I have a warm lil feeling every time I remember how relaxing and beautiful it was.


It was however just as dreamy as sitting on our balcony in the sunshine – even though it was freezing and we had to wear our coats – and eating chocolate as we took awful photos of each other and discussed how we’ll rule the world, yanoo casual chat.


I miss it so much already, it’s an amazing city and it was a hilarious, fun, adventurous lil weekend. I think I will always miss the band we saw on every corner just as much as I miss Matt and the city, even though they did only sing one song the whole time.



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