A Weekend in Seville, Spain

a weekend in seville

On the final day of Autumn term I got a flight out to Seville to visit one of my very old friends from school to celebrate her 21st birthday. She lives in Seville for her year abroad as part of her degree. Good choice eh?

When we arrived, we napped as early flights are exhausting, but pre-nap we also had some amazing Spanish wine and tapas style lunch – which is probably why we napped so well. The food all weekend was insane. We napped at our v cute Air BnB with the most organised landlord ever, who gave a good 30 minute introduction to the city, knowing full well Beth had lived here for three months.

We went for dinner and strolled round the city to see the Christmas lights. I completely forgot there would be Christmas decorations as it was around 15 degrees the whole time.

On Saturday, we took out rowing boats round at the Plaza de Espana. It was hilarious. The plaza is only a few minutes for where Beth was staying and it’s so beautiful. She’s one lucky gal.

So we were rowing in the most fairytale setting ever, but it quickly became a nightmare as it turned out none of us could row. Nat killed a fish, Mary could row, Nad and I it turns out took slightly longer to learn how to row, and Beth and Kane well just had a good time really. We ruined the same couple’s date multiple times, they’d be taking photos and we’d be glided over to smash into their boat. Oops.

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Then we attempted to cycle round the park on a six person bike, which was a recipe for disaster and hilarity. We went out to celebrate the birthday girl, which was amazing. The walk home from the club for 45 minutes in the freezing cold was awful though.

Another great spot to visit is the Cathedral. We went to the Cathedral though and walked up the ramps to the top of the Giralda tower. The view of Seville was amazing from the top.

We went onto the Metropol Parasol, that was made to give shade to the city… even though it has massive holes in it like a waffle. Again there were beautiful views across Seville, then we had mojitos and caught up in the sunshine.

It was like being in some heart-warming Christmas movie flying out from a snowy Heathrow airport to visit an old friend for her 21st in Seville. I loved every single second of it.

Have you been to Seville in Spain before?

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