There’s no better place to be lost than on an adventure than in a new city or a new country. You could be by yourself, with friends or family, or complete strangers and it’ll always be a crazy adventure. Let’s go on another?

24 hours in Washington DC

14th October 2018

After watching basically every TV series or film that is set in Washington DC, we couldn’t miss our lil opportunity to finally visit Washington while the fam and I were in New York over the summer. Side note: I haven’t actually blogged about NY yet, even though we went in August – oops – but […]

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Exploring London at Christmas

21st December 2017

Yesterday, my family and I went to Winter Wonderland to mark the beginning of their Christmas holiday and continue our tradition of going every year. We usually go during the day time to have lunch, mooch round the stalls and drink and eat 80% of what is on offer. And Mum pays for it – […]

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Adventuring to Seville

5th December 2017

On the final day of Autumn term I got a flight out to Seville to visit Beth, one of my very old friends from school to celebrate her 21st, as she now lives in Seville, for her year abroad as part of her degree – yep, she chose well. I’d rather document the weekend in […]

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Adventuring to: Malham Cove and Gordale Scar

9th October 2017

Yesterday, Becca and I decided to spend a pound or two, on some exercise, hold onto ya hats. We went on… one of the Outdoor Society’s walks in the Yorkshire Dales. It was dreamy. I am such an outdoors kinda gal, as nothing beats having a great walk in the countryside and going to bed […]

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The Grand Canyon, Arizona

16th September 2017

On Day 6 of our Great Bacon American Roadtrip we had booked a hotel in the Grand Canyon – and intended to go there, but we had no transport. So at 6:30am my Mum went down to the rental car section of our hotel, bc hey Vegas has everything, and she tried to get a […]

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Adventuring to: Ely

6th September 2017

Yesterday my brother and I had a few hours to spend in Ely, and it was SO lovely. Ely is exactly the kind of old, small little city I love, because there is so much history, many a tearoom and real nice green spaces. The cathedral is also stunning. It feels very much like Cambridge, […]

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Adventuring to: Scotland

5th September 2017

Last week my family drove up to near Glasgow in Scotland to visit my cousins, and their new beautiful baby daughter. It was bank holiday weekend so to beat the Sunday traffic we set off at 4am to try and get there for a reasonable time in the morning and we actually made it there […]

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Hoover Dam, Nevada

29th August 2017

So as we drove from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon we passed the Hoover Dam, but as you can’t see it from the road we pulled in down a very narrow steep winding road – my Mum’s favourite type lol jokes – and went through high security aka drove up to a man and […]

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Las Vegas, Nevada

28th August 2017

So Vegas is nothing like LA, or anywhere ever. It completely has it’s own thang going on. Now we drove from LA which took us around four hours, through the desert and with Friday traffic – good one Bacons – before out of nowhere in the middle of nothing was shiny Vegas BABY. It was […]

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