Ciao Adios, I’m done with University!

ciao adios i'm done with university

I’ve only gone and finished my university degree like Ciao Adios, I’m done. No big deal.

I’ve written an 8,000 word dissertation, eaten my body weight in chocolate and massively exploited the free version of citeforme to reference my 40+ sources. But I made it through!

So Ciao, adois you disgustingly long piece of writing you, and also farewell undergrad degree! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

I feel as though five minutes ago I was gearing up for third year, making an unrealistic work timetable and buying essential new stationary, which I only used about 1/3 of. Stationary is just too pretty to resist, but let’s be honest we do about 99% of all our work on laptops now.

Anyway, I blinked, it’s May and university is over. I also have plenty of basic “I wrote a dissertation” photos to prove it.

After handing in my dissertation ahead of the Monday deadline, Franky and I headed into town for a well learnt drink and lunch at Brew and Brownie. Disclaimer: we did change to go into town for said toast & drinks, but we crashed out about 3 hours later and napped before the cinema in the eve with Becca.

We have well and truly exploited having my car in York and the super duper cheap Vue cinema at Clifton Moor. That evening we saw the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and we would highly recommend it! It’s a great film with excellent actors, and it’s really informative and emotional.

I don’t know where the time has gone, but I’ve loved everything university has thrown at me. There have been highs and lows, and also some mundane middle ground where everything is fine, but you have work to do and can’t go out, so it feels a bit meh and isolating.

But I honestly wouldn’t change any part of it, I’ve learned so much about myself, others, friendships, life and books (shock horror) that it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I don’t really know why I picked York, I heard it was a nice place and at that time the English department ranked quite highly (and it continues too, thanks to the new Head of Year who is incredible). So I decided to move two hours to the North fully unaware at the time that I came from the South rather than the Midlands, which I soon learned was non-existent – there are only northerners and southerners (apparently).

I have learnt other things as well and even if it doesn’t always feel like 27K worth of knowledge, I know it has been worth it. And one day I may even get a job, I can dream right?

But yes on Monday, I was sat in the sunshine with my coursemates, drinking prosecco after we’d handed in our dissertations and finished the final part of our degree.

We had ALL the snacks you can imagine, obviously both savoury and sweet because I’m am one of those great humans that eats a handful of chocolate and needs to follow it with crisps to balance my tastebuds out. There was boxed wine, bliss. It was a classic student budget picnic, where you just swig at your bottle of prosecco.

After that we went over to the department party. The plan was to grab a free drink and head back, but there was SO many people! Basicially everyone in English had finally come out of the woodwork and was socialising – both staff and students and it was SO nice. Some people I hadn’t seen for ages, as we’ve all basicially been in our own bubbles typing away for the past month.

I find that the weirdest part of dissertations; everyone is working constantly, planning, typing etc. but you don’t even have a clue what your friend has actually been writing and stressing about. The highlight of the department part was our head of year Helen making a little speech about how proud we should be of ourselves and the department is of us. We all left very emotional and tipsy like “AWW HELEN”.

Obviously the celebrations did not end there, but a few of us Grandma’s did take a bit of time for R&R… and pizza, before we headed out (still tipsy from lunch and with the hope to make it to Kuda). And to my past self’s surprise, we actually did make it out. Turns out you can drink for 14 hours straight and still get into a club, who knew?

ciao adios university

Dusk is one of the literature girls favourite bars so we had drinks there and then we headed to Pop World as – prepare yourselves – FLARES WAS SHUT. I don’t think we’ve ever been so sad, well, everyone else was sad, Pop World is like my old gal pal I haven’t seen in over a year (read lifetime). So I welcomed her back into my life with cheap apple sour shots and dancing on that revolving dancefloor to Shakira, ahh bliss.

Kuda was also amazing, and I do think my life peaked when I was stood in the middle of Kuda with two of my best friends, singing our guts out to This is Me and the final song of the night, Sweet Caroline, before Kuda closed at 3 (much to our horror and sadness). We then ran around the streets of York, rolled down Clifford’s Tower, got food and headed home.

It was the perfect end to university. It was definitely one of the best days and nights out I’ve had, with truly amazing and empowering women all slaying their own path in life! I’m also SO pleased and disgusted that I have photos to remind me of it forever.

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  • Daniella says:

    Congratulations! (I know I’m a tad behind here) It certainly does feel like the biggest relief to get all of that stuff out of the way. By the end of my degree, I felt like I’d read more uninteresting books than I ever had (or ever will) intend to. The best part of finishing was actually getting to read for pleasure again.

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