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killing eve

I’ve just finished the last episode of the first series of BBC’s Killing Eve and I LOVED it. Despite you know it being a tad disturbing, it is sensational.

So many people had recommended the show to me and after I saw Phoebe Waller Bridge produced it I was sold, as I thought Fleabag was genius.

Killing Eve has the same style of direct comedy and borderline unwatchable moments and that’s what made it so gripping for me.

It’s based on Luke Jenning’s novella series Codename Villanelle in which an MI5 officer Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) begins to suspect there is a female assassin leaving a trail of high profile murders across several European countries, and she tracks down Villanelle (Jodie Comer). In the process both women become fixated with each other.

Villanelle and Eve’s relationship underpins the whole series and their fascination and obsession with each other is unpredictable even until the final moments of the series. It ends on a cliff hanger, and I’m sort of glad it does – even though it’s also annoying, I 10/10 thought they’d start making out and elope but nope. Oops, sorry for the spoiler.

Anyway, the cliffhanger just means there is probably going to be another series, cross all your fingers. I would even watch a spin off series just about Villanelle, if it explained her back story and life with Anna etc. 

I liked that everyone kinda had psychopathic tendencies too; no one was really without fault or weird dialogue. Jodie Comer kinda made it for me – Sandra Oh is great (obviously) – but Jodie’s portrayal of a psychopath is so mesmerising it almost makes you slightly psychopathic. You become as obsessed with the story and her as Eve does, as you have no bloody clue what is going to happen next. 

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Similar to Fleabag some people just won’t like it, or get the humour, which I personally think is tragic as the world needs more witty one liners, especially about periods, relationships, female sexuality and also just honest to god thoughts that humans have. 

Have you watched Killing Eve?

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