New Year, New Career

Well it’s a new year and the start of a new career. January is the time for new beginnings. 365 days to write.

Towards the end of last year, I decided I want to find a new job. I enjoyed being an Editor, but it was time for a new challenge. I’m not really a single task kind of gal. So four weeks to do one magazine became quite same-y.

After a few interviews and a gazillion applications – here’s to hoping that one day it’s law for people to have to respond to your job applications rather than let them float in an abyss with no response – I got a job!

Well, I actually didn’t get a job originally and then HR got in touch to say the team suggests I apply for an alternative role that might be more suitable for my skill set. Thankfully, I got the job that they suggested I apply for as that would have been slightly awkward/soul crushing otherwise.

So, I’ve moved into global marketing for an academic publisher, a complete shift from writing and editing magazines in the fields of architecture, construction and primary education.

It’s an adjustment, but I am all about taking a Squiggly Careers approach so it is an exciting beginning. This industry is brand new to me, marketing is brand new to me and working in central Cambridge is also brand new.

Yet, five weeks in I’m absolutely loving it. It’s corporate with an open plan office space, there’s meetings and departments (actual structure with HR and security and everything!!!) – it’s so organised.

I’m a cog in a very very big (and global) machine, which I find rather refreshing.

I have a great deal of responsibility considering I’m five years younger (on average) that most people I’ve met so once again feel like the child let loose in the workplace. But I have so many people around me to learn and develop from, both in my career and personality in general.

It is also a twenty-first century workplace – it’s not perfect, there’s a lot of progress that needs to happen (very soon in my opinion).

My question, as with all questions I’ve had at every workplace I’ve worked in is where are all the women in high paid, high profile roles? Where are all the BAME women and men in high paid, high profile roles?

It isn’t as a shock to the system as my previous role, where the sexism was rife (despite the company being built of mostly women). Thankfully there’s no scope or even possibility for any sort of sexism, racism, homophobia at this company, because the right protocols are in place for that to be impossible. Another reason I am huge fan of the company.

It’s also the friendliest workplace I have ever encountered.

When I’m envitably asked if I’m enjoying my new role, my first response is “yes, everyone is so lovely.” It couldn’t be more true.

First impressions are important and I’m unsure what sort of impression I’ve made with lots of personal things going on in my private life which sadly have influenced my first few weeks. BUT the impression the business has made on me, has been incredible. I couldn’t have imagined how welcoming and thought-out my introduction to the company has been.

It’s hard being a newbie, mainly because there’s lots to learn and you often have to ask a million questions to everyone while they’re super busy, and also because you have to battle through the “I have no idea what I’m doing, who thought I’d be good for this” kind of thoughts.

I’m powering through them and thankfully day by day I seem to understand a bit more about how to do my job both well and efficiently.

It’s a completely different ball game, juggling several ongoing projects or tasks at the same time all of which (unless for a conference, event or anniversary) have an loose deadline usually weeks in the future. Rather than a monthly magazine deadline, which gave you roughly three weeks to pitch, write, edit and collate a 64 page magazine before beginning the design and final edits.

I’m enjoying the change of pace and letting my four week deadline seep into all my projects as well, as in my experience four weeks is plenty of time to get a task done.

Also, I’d be doing an injustice to my job if I didn’t mention there are also great many perks to this company and role. There’s an onsite bar, um, dreams?

As well as an excellent canteen with too many great options that mean making lunch the night before becomes less and less appealing (despite saving the dollar dollar – I’m torn I tell you.)

So to summarise, great people, diverse role juggling lots at the same time (I love to juggle – I get so bored with one focus hence the blog alongside my other life thangs), the option to travel with work (eee), lots to learn (I LOVE TO LEARN) with the added bonus of great food and cheap wine. My kind of place eh?

Have you recently changed your career path or job?

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