What the fork?

I was going to do a Friday feeling post, but what the fork is going on? It doesn’t feel like a Friday, it feels like a long Wednesday at this point, especially if you wfh.

I’m not the first to say it, but in true The Good Place style I’m asking you, what the fork is going on?

Anyone got any clues? Nope, me neither.

The world is shutting down country by country (closed for business catch you in a few months amigos), and we’re being told to self-isolate. I saw someone had coined the term self-hibernation instead and I’m here for that tbh. Sounds more appealing that a global pandemic.

I am thankfully, still in a job and working from home for the foreseeable future.

Some of my friends have lost jobs, still had to go into work, or been given more work, been assigned a new role. Equally, if you’re freelance or running a small business it’s figuring out what the next few months hold for you.

It is madness reincarnated.

We’re in some kind of low budget, poorly written disaster movie. You know the type of film that is too long and the audience becomes more confused and hungry as the story goes on.

To add to that before the coronavirus, 2020 still wasn’t my year. I was dumped, moved home and still have a house full of furniture to figure out what to do with.

Mentally I was not in a good place. I haven’t slept a full night in over two months and I don’t have anything especially exciting to show for those extra hours awake.

I wrote this on Instagram this morning and every person that messaged me has also had a rough old year. I don’t know anyone that is having a good year. 2020 isn’t anyone’s year. We literally couldn’t predict or write this kind of forked up show that the world is serving up for us.

My review of this year will be very short – I stayed indoors and tried to not catch the virus.

Adios to Copenhagen in April, day drinking in Leeds, seeing my cousin’s baby (SO MANY TEARS), Dublin in May, oh and you know the half marathon I entered because my other half marathon was cancelled!

My t-shirt, race number and bag arrived this morning though. Real useful.

I’ll be glad when this has all blown over (won’t we all) but in the meantime, it’s comforting to know that we’re all in the same boat. The same sinking boat, well our own sinking boat because of self-isolation.

It’s like some weird new way of working. We all work for the first 7 months of the year as we can’t go on holiday, leave the house. Then the other half of the year we use up our holiday, socialise to excess and restore our mental health and the economy. 2020 is quite the social experiment.

But holy shirt balls, it’s a forking weird time eh?

How are you coping? What else has twenty twenty thrown at you?

We will all get through it and remember how a Friday evening feels different to well, every other evening, and there will be sunshine and wine and good times ahead. But for now, stay safe, be kind and do things that keep you sane ok?

Hang in there kids, it’ll soon be Christmas and we’ll all be pleased to be at home, drunk and pissed off at each other due to all the socialising. Happy super long holidays.

Are you wondering what the fork is happening too?

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