It feels like a Friday

So I skipped two weeks of my Friday feeling posts (whoops) as I got too into feeling my friday’s rather than writing about them, so now you lucky devils you, it’s a thriple, triple, whiple whammy of positivity from the past three festive filled weeks. And oh my has it been festive!

Disclaimer though, this week hasn’t been all sunshine n’ roses.

I was stopped by the police for going through a changing light (it was going amber to red) then cried as they both told me I’d done nothing wrong, I just needed to be careful on the roads as people can go through lights early and could have hit me. Then I cried more as they were nice. Palaver eh?

My body has been doing some weird things too, basically doing a yoohoo don’t ignore me pls.


the weekend is near! So I have that Friday feeling. Also all the things that give me that Friday feeling on a Monday or a Thursday, they keep me going during the week and fill my life with lots of madness, mostly and joy.

If we got a puppy I feel there would be more joy, but Dan’s not convinced – sad times. If anyone has a dog I can sit, or borrow of an evening pls hmu.

Getting Mum’s christmas tree

For years we’ve had the Christmas tradition of buying a real tree for our lounge, which now is the sole tree after our artificial one was demolished in the cellar damp. So this entails a frosty December Sunday morning looking round garden centres and pubs to find our chosen bushy boy for this festive season.

Last year we found Fotheringhay Christmas tree farm and it’s the best place by far we’ve been to in Peterborough, so we went back again this year. As always I convince my Mum to buy one as big as humanly possible or as big as our car can fit! We were very pleased with the finished tree, after my poorly Mumma sat and told me where to put all her decorations as my brother cooked a toad in the hole and was kept away from the baubles – he’s a dropper.

Our first Christmas in the nest

Our Christmas tree is up in the Hobbit hole. He’s a bit naked at the moment – our box of decorations kindly donated by my Mumma to dress the tree with are just out of shot. Ready and raring to be worn.

Dan’s sister and brother in law, Lisa and James gave us their old christmas tree and it’s perfect for our nest! It’s now covered in the 1,000 lights that Dan’s parents bought for us to dress it in, as you can see the lights cover the tree, the bookshelf and would probably wrap round the whole room twice too!

It’s very festive and cosy.

York with Dan

That’s right baby, Southerners will be heading North this evening. YAY.

Dan and I are driving up to one of my favourite places, York for a cute Christmas weekend get away. Cue snuggles, late nights, late mornings and unnecessary amounts of alcohol hidden in hot chocolate, what could be better?

Exactly a year ago we took our first weekend away together to the Lake District and loved it!

Besides the rain, fog and freezing temperatures, it was the first time we’d spent the whole weekend together and well we’re still together now, so it must have gone well! It was such a lovely time of year to be away, so I have a feeling this may become a little tradition for us now.

Masters Results!

Thank sweet baby Jesus, I passed my Masters! Well not only passed, I got a merit!

MiracuJess some would say. (Thank you)

I’m shook and just over the moon. Alongside the full time Masters I began my first “proper” job post University doing a job I’d never done before.

In the twelve months of doing my Masters I’d written 35,000 words, published 13 magazines and three yearbooks. madness.

Dan took me out for dinner to celebrate, the gem.


Remember a few moons ago (three weeks now) Dan and I drove to Cardiff to see Becca and Tim. We had the best time; drinking, dancing, catching up, playing Overcooked on the Switch. Dreams. As it turns out Dan and Tim are the dream team in a virtual kitchen that serves fish and chips out of a van that splits in half. Who’d have known?

Christmas at Media One

We had our Christmas jumper day at work with a festive bakesale and quiz, in aid of Sue Ryder’s Thorpe Hall Hospice. Somehow through pure dumb luck, Louise, Danielle and I won the quiz! By dumb luck, I mean really dumb luck. The first round was pictures of celebs with their face covered by a santa in a Christmas jumper and we had to guess who they were – it’s harder than you think!

There was one picture we were unsure about, but Louise thought the man looked like Will Smith. He was with a shorter woman with a grey bob. She couldn’t think who it was, so I suggested the hair shape looked like Helen Mirren.

WELL GUESS WHO WAS RIGHT. Helen Mirren and Will Smith were together wearing Christmas jumpers. AS IF.

In another two images men were holding a glass of prosecco; they had matching glasses, chairs and so it seemed like they were together. From the hairline (sorry not sorry) I realised one was Ant, so obvs the other was Dec. ANOTHER DUMB LUCK FOR TEAM JINGLE BELLE.

Proud all the same though, and we won chocolate. Lesson from this is sometimes being dumb is smart. You’re welcome.

Afternoon tea with Lou

Louise and I finally managed to go for her birthday afternoon tea that I’d bought for Louise for her 30th Birthday (she don’t look 30 does she?) in September. Oops. Yes by November we finally managed it! It was, as expected, very lovely to spend some time with Lou with prosecco and an abundance of food.

Christmas has come early!

Dermalogica very kindly gifted me this Winter Skincare set as part of their skinfluencer campaign. I’ve been using it religiously for the past two days – since it arrived – and I love it. The smell is good, the products are great and as an ensemble for a skincare routine it’s excellent even on my is-it-dry-today-or-oily-today-skin. Full review and more details will be coming soon!

Big reads

Well kids, I’m flying through the bookshelf at the moment. I’ve re-read Close Your Eyes by Darren O’Sullivan, finally finished Circe by Madeleine Miller, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ve also started Silence of the Girls, which is gripping especially since the imagery is so vivid, but the font is SO tiny. My eyes actually hurt from the strain! So it might be a bit of a longer read…


As our smallish lounge filled with Dan’s family, it started to hit me… I was a grown up living with my boyfriend whose family had come to visit our (rented) house.

I thought of my older cousin Stacey. Stacey is seven years older than I am, happily married to Ian (or Barry as we call him… though I’m not sure why) with a gorgeous little girl Isobel and another lil bean in the oven, YAY. I have always wanted to be like Stacey, especially when I was younger and she wore tour t-shirts at sleepovers, ate cheese on toast and was really close to her Mum, got a first in her Maths degree and was chatty and funny. Stacey is still all these things and I admire her like an older sister.

I remember when Stacey and Ian moved in together to their first home that they’d bought in Grantham. I remember visiting, being sat on the sofa as Stacey and Ian sat on the floor opposite and thinking WOW. Stacey and Ian are so lucky, so grown up, so happy, I would love to be as happy as this.

I think fifteen year old me was hit by the realisation that I was as happy as that, I’d somehow managed to find my person and live with him and forge this happy life and new beginning with him. A little warmth spread across my heart as I thought about actually how far I’d come since then and how much I’d gained as I looked around at Dan’s lovely family. Pretty amazing huh?

One of my highlights on this day though was going into town where Harrison, Dan’s nephew, went to meet Santa and climbed in this giant snowman bauble after Dan had obviously climbed in the extremely round Santa.

Afterwards, Harrison had a giant light up balloon on a stick (yes literally) and as he was sat in the pushchair he realised he could swing it to the floor and then swing it back up to hit the person pushing it in the head. Such a smart boy. It was hilarious, Dan didn’t think so, mainly as he was the one being hit, but yanoo.


In the past few weeks I’ve spent a nice bit of quality time with my family and Dan’s family. It’s lush to be able to go home and catch up with my Mum and Josh when I no longer have to nip off on my laptop to finish something for my masters; I’m able to be present again with them and when I go home, I’m home to relax, catch up and slow down slightly.

Accurate representation of me at home

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  • Hannah says:

    Congratulations on your Masters, I knew you would smash it!
    Your Christmas Tree is so cute. This is my boyfriend and I’s first Christmas at our flat too so we bought an artificial tree and baubles and have put up our first Christmas tree together. The theme is ‘Winter Wonderland’ so it is all blue and silver baubles and although it is not perfect as we are still missing a top for the tree, it is perfect for us.
    How long have you and Dan been together now? Cannot believe you only took your first trip together a year ago together!?
    What did you think of Big Magic? It has sat on my reading list for the longest time now but I still have yet to pick it up and read it. xx

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