It’s that time of the week! Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! It has felt like the loonnnggest week. I’m not even sure why, but I am ready for this weekend and SO excited to finish work today and head down to Cardiff baby, to be reunited with my pals.

Weekend in Cardiff

Tonight I am driving to Cardiff to visit the wonderful Becca and Tim and I am SO excited. After their adventures in Canada – which you can read about here on their site SnapJot – I saw them briefly, but now I get a whole weekend with them!

For three years Becca lived about a five to ten minute walk/drive from my house and I’m still adjusting to not seeing her regularly – I cry a sea of tears.

Becca is a bundle of hilarious, intelligent joy, Tim is definitely her match (just the Maths version) and I cannot wait to see them and have a festive lil weekend together including watching The Grinch the Musical. Yes, really. It’s a happy Friday!

Mid-week Roast Dinner

On Wednesday I decided to turn our weekly one-pot roasting tin of chicken, veg and potatoes into a full blown roast with yorkshires an’ all.

I haven’t made a roast on my own before, I mean why would I when my Mum’s roast is formed to a heavenly art. Timing is definitely the hardest part of the roast with two shelves and only one oven, but it just about worked.

My Yorkshires turned out so well (sense the tone of surprise) and I’m gonna perfect this art one day.

Not too shabby as a first solo attempt though.

New magazine

As always, the week after print week I’m reunited with a freshly printed version of the magazine I’ve just put to bed.

This is my usual set up in the office, a big pile of magazines, my notebook, glasses, and out of shot a piping cup of green tea.

I was really happy with the December edition and that’s now seven editions of the magazine I have curated. Mad.

I can’t believe I’m working on the January 2020 edition now, as if it’s going to be 2020. How did that happen?

Long distance calls

One of my best friends lives in Gibraltar (here come the tears again) so rather than being with each other everyday at university, we now live in different countries. Every few weeks we have a lil call and exchange as much of our lives as we can remember.

We snuck in a call this week before Franky’s birthday, to catch up and have a little birthday joy without being together. I love catching up when we can, we’re both so busy living adult lives it can be hard to find time, but it is always dreamy.

Tis the season to be social

There. are. so. many. social. events. coming. up.

I am not complaining, but my diary is a sloppy mess of plans snuck in here and there around other events and work (boo). Baby cuddles, christmas meals, bake days and quizzes, drinks with old friends, networking, the lot. Busy times with festive wines.

Book of the week

I finally picked Circe back up; I began reading it in the summer and never got round to finishing it, even though it’s an excellent read. When Dan has been making dinner or gaming this week, instead of blogging, I’ve been reading. I’m determined to finish Circe by next week to start clocking up my total number of reads for 2019.

Happy Friday peaches.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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  • This was such a lovely refreshing read, something that is needed on a Friday! Have a lovely weekend โœจ๐Ÿ˜Š xx

  • Hannah says:

    I am so jealous of your roast! I am trying to think of the last time I had a roast and literally cannot remember… last Christmas maybe?! I love a good nut roast!
    I definitely miss my friends from University, the ones I lived with, the ones I studied with and the ones I ‘partied’ with. It is so weird to think that you can be with each other 40+ hours a week for three years and then see each other once a year if that!? I am so grateful for friendships that can just pick up like that and it does not feel like time apart at all.
    Enjoy Cardiff! xx

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