What to pack for a 12 week staycation

It’s adios to holidays abroad and outside of your home in 2020 and the emergence of the ultimate staycation – 12 weeks inside your own home. It’s a staycation for the nation.

We’re all getting away for the Easter weekend to our homes, catching rays on our daily walk, in the garden or getting creative with our flat roofs and balconies doubling as a sun bed and bar.

Staying home doesn’t have to be boring – guaranteed not all days will be great, some will be absolutely awful – like a typical holiday, but this staycation is to protect us and others so we can’t really complain. It’s just shifting our mindset, to get in the mood for a long term staycation.

As we’re all new to staycation life, here’s a few essentials to pack for the trip:

A damn good face mask

It’s a simple and short-term way to feel reborn again, a good face mask and a shower. Firm favourites would be the Ayla Skin mask or a peeling charcoal mask – anything that does a deep clean of my pores. I’m not a sheet mask gal, it normally gives me the opposite of clean taut skin and I’m left an oily mess. But if that is your thing, go all out and get a Disney Princess sheet mask and pls take a photo to brighten all our days.

An array of snacks

I’m not just talking sweet and savoury, you gotta have options; there’s a sweet healthy snack, sweet naughty snack, savoury naughty snack, savoury healthy snack, savoury and sweet dream combo – cheese and choc etc. Mix it up, be prepared for all moods. Chocolate is it’s own food group at this staycation so stock up on that. This bar gotta be full of 24/7 options, this is full board we’re opting for – all drinks included.

Lotions and potions

With no 100ml limit, fish out those pamper products that you’ve been given for Christmas or accumulated in a drawer over the years. Bath salts, cleansers, random scrubs galore, whack them out. I’ll be utilising my Dermalogica Viramin C eye serum (gifted) that is pure magic – it makes my eye bags vanish, I have no clue how. I’ll also be taking the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, a staple right? Pixie Glow Tonic, a new one for me, but bringing me that summery, dewy glow like I’ve been in the Croatian sun and my Rituals namaste cream (gifted) that gives me that bit of luxury soft baby face skin. Hand soap, hand cream and SPF are highly recommended too.


Subscriptions are optional but recommended for this staycation, with the most popular choices being Netflix, Disney+ (all Marvel and Star Wars films and Disney duh) and Amazon Prime. Following closely behind are subscriptions for home workouts as they bring you that summer-i-can’t-breathe-it’s-40-degree heat. Can’t find the heat, make the heat, ygm? I’m talking Shreddy guide (killer but the dream), BBG (bit jumpy for me), CentrFit (Thor’s workouts um yes pls) and many many others on YouTube and Instagram, notably PE with Joe Wicks.

Inflight entertainment

The bare essentials for entertainment would be a book or two, a popular American film, endless supply of diet coke (insert drink you love) and some kind of distraction namely a celebrity on YouTube teaching you something new, or just discussing their life to distract you from your own.

Don’t forget about podcasts as well; they don’t need to be educational or philosophical or even topical, just find a show that makes you laugh, interests you or relaxes you. For me those podcasts at the moment are Empire, Adulting, Grow & Glow, Grazia Life Advice and Deliciously Ella.


Just to remind yourself from time to time who you are, how old you are etc.

A nice outfit for an evening

You’ll need a nice outfit you feel good in for a dinner with amazing views across your street. Have a nice summin summin packed, maybe even a bikini if that’s your thang to get out in the garden/roof/balcony to enjoy your alfresco dining magic.


In moderation or tiny glasses, whatever works and keeps the supply going.

Outfits for all weathers

Some days will be brighter than others. Some days you’ll have more energy than others. Pack your comfies, as well as your staple outfits, your feel good item, a good selection of pyjamas and not forgetting a big snuggly hoodie for those feeling worse for wear kind of days.

A list of everything you want to do

Whether it’s cleaning your make up brushes, cocooning on the sofa, snuggling up with a doggo or baking banana bread like it’s going out of fashion like the rest of the world, make a list of what you want to do on this staycation. Don’t wanna forget anything vital.

Random hair accessory

Perhaps don’t give yourself a braid at home if you’ve never done that before, but bring out the big Ibiza hat, headband, tie, scrunchie that makes appearances on your travels and put it on when wfh, chilling in your garden or on your daily walk. Adds a little holiday flare to your staycation.

Remind yourself that you like the people you’re travelling with

I hope that going into the staycation you’re happy with your travel buddies, if you’re not then please do DM for moral support, advice or so I can help you out in anyway. But hopefully, you like your staycation group, so in times when you want to throw them out of the window, or put them in the bin, remember why you decided to travel with them in the first place. We all argue on holiday, but we don’t all have criminal convictions after them. Think about who you want to be after this staycation too. What happens in staycation, may not stay in staycation.

Take out an insurance policy

This is getting out all the bells and whistles for the emergencies. I’m talking last chance saloon for any unforeseen turns in the weather or accidents that may befall you such as trying a new yoga inversion, over working out, moving all the furniture. Have something that keeps you sane and that is reliable to help you recover from any moments of upset, distress, anxiety, restlessness or boredom. Your go to bandage for all ailments. Popular suggestions are a little stroll, Facetiming a loved one, a bath, a gentle workout or walk or a good old fashioned snooze.

Stay safe and enjoy your staycation.

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