Six Outfits Inspired by Phoebe Buffay in Friends

Phoebe Buffay (played effortlessly by Lisa Kudrow) is one of the most beloved characters on Friends, though it’s hard not to love them all in their own way right? I’d say I’m a good mix of everyone, though at heart I’m more of a Phoebe. You can rely on me for a quirky comment and an impromptu dance. I also love to get my guitar out and play the same five chords whenever I get the chance.

Growing up, I definitely channelled Rachel’s wardrobe and would subconsciously buy clothes that reminded me of her. And yet, it seems that my entire wardrobe has actually been influenced by Friends as I have so many Phoebe-esque outfits too. Phoebe has the biggest heart and the most extensive array of maxi dress, floral midi skirts, cosy jumpers and scrunchies imaginable.

I loved jumping on this trend on TikTok and doing more outfits inspired by film and TV, so I thought I’d share my favourite pieces from those outfits including the ‘That Girl’ top that everyone went crazy for. You can watch my reel here, but for those of you looking to add more Phoebe into your own wardrobe, here’s where to start!

  1. White jumper, NA-KD, £35
  2. 70’s floral dress, ASOS, £35
  3. Green tiered dress, ASOS, £22
  4. Maxi floral green dress, Sister Jane, £89.99
  5. Denim jacket, Missguided, £35
  6. Purple Gingham Midi dress, New Look, £29.99
  7. Black fluffy tie front cardigan, New Look, £11.99
  8. White ribbed turtleneck, New Look, £4
  9. Black mini dress, ASOS, £12
  10. Yellow stripe top, £29.50 FatFace
  11. That girl top, £17, Red Bubble

Which outfits remind you of Phoebe Buffay?

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