the art of self love

How to learn the art of self-love

The art of self-love isn’t something that you have or don’t have, it’s a skill that you practice and develop. Spoiler alert, I don’t love myself or my body everyday. Most days, I don’t wake up with the confidence and self-assurance of Shakira (even though my hips don’t lie) instead I slip into old habits […]

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dealing with rejection

How to get better at dealing with rejection

A few weeks after I finished university, I realised that I had to get better at dealing with rejection.  As a graduate or just as a young person, you will be rejected from job applications, relationships and friendships, freelance work, a mortgage, loans – the list literally goes on and on.  You’re basically guaranteed that […]

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getting my list organised

How to write the ultimate to do list

I’m always looking for ways to write the ultimate to do list and be more organised. Lately, I’ve felt that my way of working is inefficient. Last week was stress-ville-Arizona, I had a lot of plates spinning and my health was the one that I smashed. I lost a lot of sleep, lost track of […]

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