Real Talk

Here’s a dose of real talk for you – be warned I’m an oversharer by nature.

overcome depression dark

Do you ever overcome Depression?

11th August 2020

I’ve often wondered if you can ever fully overcome depression. At the age of 19 I was formally diagnosed with depression and told I’d been depressed for around four years.  It wasn’t a surprise, it was reassuring in all honesty, as it confirmed that there wasn’t anything inherently wrong with me. I was depressed and […]

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navigating competition with yourself

Is being in competition with yourself healthy?

6th August 2020

We often have a Monica Gellar tendency to be in competition with ourselves as well as other people – to look back and compare where we are now to where we were last year, two years ago or even worse, where we thought we’d be.  I personally do think about where I was a year […]

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I don't have one passion

Accepting that I have more than one passion

4th August 2020

My friend sent me a TED talk the other day where career coach Emilie Wapnick explains Why some of us don’t have one calling or as I’d put, why I won’t ever pick just one passion. It will probably come as no surprise to you that I was a child who was always busy. I […]

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I don't like my body everyday

I don’t like my body everyday, do you?

14th July 2020

There’s been a surge of posts recently about bodies online, especially on Instagram, which I am all for, but I have to admit that I don’t like my body everyday and I think that’s normal. Most discussions online promote being body positive. The body positivity movement has roots in the fat acceptance movement in the […]

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recovering perfectionist

I’m a recovering perfectionist

30th June 2020

I think I’d describe myself as a recovering perfectionist, as for as long as I can remember I wanted to be perfect. I’d read articles as a teenager about what celebrities like Jennifer Aniston ate and drank to try and copy what they did and become perfect. Obviously Jen was my icon as I watched […]

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self help books that changed my life

4 Self-Help Books that Actually Changed My Life

25th June 2020

I love to discover life changing self help books. Despite the hefty section of self development books in bookshops, it’s actually very rare to find one that helps. I’m always looking to improve my life, mindset, achieve my goals and live as happily and as stress-free as possible. I actively seek out self-help books even […]

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the art of self love

How to learn the art of self-love

22nd June 2020

The art of self-love isn’t something that you have or don’t have, it’s a skill that you practice and develop. Spoiler alert, I don’t love myself or my body everyday. Most days, I don’t wake up with the confidence and self-assurance of Shakira (even though my hips don’t lie) instead I slip into old habits […]

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